News and Events

News and Events in 2018

LIGO and Virgo announce four new gravitational-wave detections
The observatories are also releasing their first catalog of gravitational-wave events more
GW170817 revisited

GW170817 revisited

October 15, 2018
Updated Analysis of GW170817 by the LIGO and Virgo Collaboration places tight constraints on the neutron star equation of state. more
The future of gravitational-wave astronomy
Experts discuss the science case for the next generation of earth-based gravitational-wave observatories more
What will LISA hear?

What will LISA hear?

June 22, 2018
Experts discuss sources to be observed by the planned space-based gravitational-wave detector “Laser Interferometer Space Antenna” (LISA) more
Workshop: Reduced Order Modeling (ROM) for Gravitational-Waves
June 18-22, 2018 The workshop focuses on introducing non-experts to established ROM/ROQ techniques and building new models (with a view towards LIGO/Virgo’s upcoming observing runs). more
Leibniz Prize awarded to Alessandra Buonanno
The prize recognizes Prof. Buonanno’s key role in the first direct observation of gravitational waves more
Max Planck Yearbook Article (in German)
Tim Dietrich: The first observation of gravitational waves from merging neutron stars more
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