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Seminars at AEI Hannover

Welcome to the Albert Einstein Institute!

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The Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute) is the largest research institute in the world specializing in general relativity and beyond. The institute is located in Potsdam-Golm and in Hannover where it is closely related to the Leibniz Universität Hannover.

Upcoming Events

Girls' Day/Future Day

April 23, 2015
The AEI takes part in the Girls Day and Future Days 2015.

The AEI Hannover participates in the Future Day of the Leibniz Universität Hannover (LUH). The registration for the event is possible only through the webpage of the LUH's Zentrale Studienberatung and opens on Feb 14, 18:00 CET.

 Here you can register for the Girls' Day at AEI Potsdam.

The Next Detectors for Gravitational Wave Astronomy

April 5 - May 8, 2015
This KITPC Program will bring leading experts together in a 5 week program focused on designing the next ground based detectors, and special sessions and workshops on the optimum design for space based detectors. [more]

A Century of General Relativity

November 30 - December 5, 2015
The Max Planck Institutes for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute) and the History of Science, along with the International Society for General Relativity and Gravitation, jointly announce a meeting to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Einstein's full formulation of the theory of general relativity. The meeting will take place from Monday November 30 until Saturday December 5, 2015, and it will be held at the Harnack House in Berlin. The first part of the meeting will consist of reviews of current research frontiers in physics and astronomy that are impacted by general relativity. The second part will consist of an historical examination of the development of the theory and its integration into mainstream physics. Further details will be announced in the Autumn of 2014. [more]
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