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Experimental Tests of Special Relativity
- Where to find some

I've been asked several times where one can find a description of tests of special relativity (SR). This is a wide field, especially if one takes into account those experiments providing indirect tests of SR, viz. tests of general relativity and all those experimental results of particle physics which presuppose SR.

I won't list GR test here, those you can find in the two books by Clifford M. Will, Was Einstein right? Putting General Relativity to the Test (Basic Books, New York 1986) which is aimed at a more general audience, and Theory and Experiment in Gravitational Physics. (Cambridge Univ. Press 1981) which is more technical.

I'm no expert on these tests, this is just a page of pointers to the literature. The basic information comes from Appendix B of Special Relativity by Ulrich E. Schröder (World Scientific: Singapore 1990), which again acknowledges as a source D. Newman et al., Phys. Rev. Letters 40 (1978), 1355. I vaguely remember coming across some "resource letter" in the American Journal of Physics covering similar ground, I don't know the exact reference, though - if any of you do, please drop me a mail.

Now, for the tests themselves, just a short description taken from Schröders book and the reference.

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