In the past, my research interests focussed on the commissioning and characterisation of the gravitational wave detector, GEO600. In particular I did a lot of work on digital control, calibration, glitch studies, veto studies and the operation of GEO600.

These days I am heavily involved with the science operations for the LISA Pathfinder mission. I am the team leader of the data analysis team and the lead developer of the data analysis software for the LISA Pathfinder Mission. For this mission we are developing a MATLAB toolbox (LTPDA) which uses an object-oriented system to realise a reproducible and accountable data analysis environment. The data analysis team is responsible for:
  • helping to define the experiments we will run on orbit
  • simulating and testing the experiments
  • defining data analysis procedures and protocols
  • designing, developing and testing analysis pipelines
  • delivering the science products of the mission.

The goals of the mission are to test and validate the physics of free-falling test masses, demonstrating that a gravitational wave observatory in space, like
LISA, can be realised using this technology.