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    Journal Article
    Choudhury, S.; Mukherjee, A.: A bound on quantum chaos from Random Matrix Theory with Gaussian Unitary Ensemble. Journal of High Energy Physics 2019 (5), 149 (2019)
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    Journal Article
    Choudhury, S.; Mukherjee , A.: Quantum randomness in the Sky. European Physical Journal C 79 (4), 554 (2019)
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    Journal Article
    Choudhury, S.; Mukherjee, A.; Chauhan, P.; Bhattacherjee, S.: Quantum Out-of-Equilibrium Cosmology. European Physics Journal C 79 (4), 320 (2019)
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    Journal Article
    Choudhury, S.: Cosmic microwave background from effective field theory. Universe 5 (6), 155 (2019)
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    Journal Article
    Choudhury, S.; Panda, S.: Quantum entanglement in de Sitter space from Stringy Axion: An analysis using alpha vacua. Nuclear Physics B 943, 114606 (2019)
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    Journal Article
    Choudhury, S.; Dey, A.; Halder, I.; Janagal, L.; Minwalla, S.; Poojary, R.: Notes on Melonic O(N)^q-1 Tensor Models. Journal of high energy physics: JHEP 2018 (06), 094 (2018)
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    Journal Article
    Choudhury, S.; Dey, A.; Halder, I.; Jain, S.; Janagal, L.; Minwalla, S.; Prabhakar, N.: Bose-Fermi Chern-Simons Dualities in the Higgsed Phase. Journal of high energy physics: JHEP 2018 (11), 177 (2018)

Book (1)

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    Choudhury, S.: Quantum Field Theory approaches to Early Universe Cosmology. Lambert Academic Publishing, o.O. (2018), 164 pp.

Working Paper (2)

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    Working Paper
    Bhattacherjee, S.; Bohra, H.; Choudhury, S.; Chauhan, P.; Mukherjee , A.; Narayan, P.; Panda, S.; Swain, A.: Relating the curvature of De Sitter Universe to Open Quantum Lamb Shift Spectroscopy. (2019), 50 pages, 7 figures, This project is the part of the non-profit virtual international research consortium "Quantum Structures of the Space-Time & Matter" pp.
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    Working Paper
    Choudhury, S.; Panda, S.: Spectrum of cosmological correlation from vacuum fluctuation of Stringy Axion in entangled De Sitter space. (2018), 71 pages, 13 figures, 1 table, References updated pp.
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