Tom Maxim Wlodarczyk

Am Mühlenberg 1

14476 Potsdam

Tom Maxim Wlodarczyk

Tom Maxim Wlodarczyk
Tom Maxim Wlodarczyk

Astrophysikalische und Kosmologische Relativitätstheorie

Standort Potsdam

Telefon: +49 331 567-7185
Fax: +49 331 567-7298
Raum: 0.64


I am working on numerically modelling brownian thermal noise in LIGOs mirror coatings for my Master’s thesis. The equations in elasticity being very similar to that of curved spacetime allows for adaptation of the code used to simulate mergers of i.a. binary black holes to this problem. The results can potentially improve the sensitivity of future ground-based gravitational-wave detectors.


I finished my Bachelor’s in Physics at the Technical University of Berlin, Germany, in 2018 and joined the AEI in June 2019 to write my Master’s thesis under supervision of Prof. Dr. Harald Pfeiffer.

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