Riccardo Barbieri

PhD Student
Astrophysical and Cosmological Relativity
Location Potsdam
+49 331 567-7325
+49 331 567-7298

Main Focus

My focus is Gravitational Wave Cosmology and the measure of the Hubble constant (H0) through gravitational waves. In particular, I study how this measure might be affected by systematic errors, i.e. errors due not to experimental features or noise but due to wrong (or unprecise) assumptions in theory. I am now studying the impact of galaxy clustering and galaxy catalog completeness on the H0 posterior. If one wants to use only gravitational waves to measure H0, a galaxy catalog has to be used; however, this catalog are not complete and thus we need assumptions on the galaxies we don't see. I also study the impact of the assumption that all GW events are real: while this assumption is certainly solid for now, it might not be once a lot of new events are added with LIGO third observing run. Furthermore, considering only events with a very low false alarm rate could make us discard some useful information. I then try to incorporate the possibility of not real GW events in the H0 posterior.

Curriculum Vitae

2013-2016: Bachelor Degree in Physics, University of Pavia
2016-2018: Master Degree in Theoretical Physics, University of Pavia
2013-2018: Institute for Advanced Studies (a higher learning institute, where I focused on Advanced Mathematics, Statistics and Fluid Dynamics)
Summer 2016: Research internship at the DAMTP (Cambridge, UK) on Gravitational Kicks. Supervisors: Dr. Davide Gerosa and Dr. Christopher Moore
Summer 2017: Research internship at the Institute of Astronomy (Cambridge, UK) on interactions between Black Hole Spins and Accretion Discs. Supervisor: Dr. Giovanni Rosotti.
2018: Erasmus for my Master Thesis, 3 months at Caltech to work with Dr. Davide Gerosa and 4 months in Cambridge to work with Dr. Giovanni Rosotti.

Starting from November 2018, I am a PhD student in Professor Buonanno's division.

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