M.Sc. Johannes Knaute

PhD Student
Gravity, Quantum Fields and Information
Location Potsdam
+49 331 567-7325

Main Focus

I am PhD student in the group "Gravity, Quantum Fields & Information" under supervision of Michal Heller, focusing on tensor network methods in the context of quantum field theory (QFT) and holography. My main interest is to understand effects, which are relevant in heavy-ion collisions, by studying the dynamics of quantum many-body systems. We also explore explore complexity concepts in QFTs and with tensor network approaches.

Further interests
High energy theory: complexity in QFT, gauge/gravity duality, holographic QCD
Tensor networks: quantum information, dynamics of quantum many-body systems/QFTs

Curriculum Vitae

I obtained my B.Sc. degree in Physics with specialization in theoretical physics from Dresden University of Technology in 2014. In my bachelor thesis, I worked on holographic QCD models. Previously, I also carried out projects in neutrino physics and in the field of laser-radiooncology. From 2015-16, I studied as an exchange student at Princeton University, focusing on topics in high-energy theory and the development of a p-adic AdS/CFT formulation. I finished my M.Sc. studies in Physics at Dresden University of Technology in 2017 (with theoretical physics as major and mathematics as minor). In my master thesis, I worked on holographic QCD phase diagrams and entanglement entropy.

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