Dr. Nicola Tamanini

Am Mühlenberg 1

14476 Potsdam

Dr. Nicola Tamanini

Dr. Nicola Tamanini
Dr. Nicola Tamanini
Junior Scientist/Postdoc

Astrophysical and Cosmological Relativity

Location Potsdam

Phone: +49 331 567-7194
Fax: +49 331 567-7298
Room: 0.70

Main Focus

My research activity mainly concerns cosmology and gravitational waves, and specifically the interplay between these two topics. In particular I am interested in understating and employing standard sirens to probe the expansion of the universe and to obtain useful information on the fundamental nature of dark energy. Further personal research interests include dynamical systems applications to cosmology, modified theories of gravity and gravitational waveform modelling from astrophysical sources.

Here are links to my publications: from Spires, and from the ADS database.

Curriculum Vitae

I obtained my Ph.D. in applied mathematics at University College London under the supervision of Dr. Christian G. Boehmer in 2014. The main topics of my Ph.D. research were alternative theories of gravity and dynamical systems applied to cosmology. I then undertook my first postdoc at the Institut de Physique Théorique at CEA Saclay in France, where I worked on cosmology and gravitational waves with Dr. Chiara Caprini from 2014 till 2017. In particular I focused my research on cosmological models with interactions between dark matter and dark energy and I joined the LISA consortium to produce cosmological forecasts for the LISA mission. In 2017 I joined the AEI where I now work on both cosmology and gravitational waves, and specifically on how to probe the expansion of the Universe using "standard sirens" with LIGO/Virgo and LISA.

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