Andrea Antonelli

Astrophysikalische und Kosmologische Relativitätstheorie
Standort Potsdam
+49 331 567-7115
+49 331 567-7298


I am currently exploring the relationship between the effective one body (EOB) framework and self-force. This work involves three approaches to the two-body problem: black hole perturbation theory, the Post-Newtonian (PN) and Post Minkowskian (PM) approximations. The EOB formalism is flexible enough to accommodate information from all three approximations, thus improving our knowledge of binary systems in the strong field regime.

Here are links to my publications: from Spires, and from the ADS database.


I completed my BSc in Theoretical Physics at King's College London in 2016, followed by a MSc in Mathematical and Theoretical Physics at the University of Oxford. In my undergraduate career, I have carried out short projects in Cosmology involving Inflation and Dark Matter and I have had the chance to work on the mathematics of string theory as a UTRIP scholar at the University of Tokyo. Starting from September 2017, I am a PhD student in Professor Buonanno's group.

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