Almuth Barta

Database Administrator
IT Department
Location Potsdam
+49 331 567-7304
+49 331 567-7298

Main Focus

As member of the IT department, I'm responsible for all database applications, as people database and inventory database as well as the seminar schedule program and the image database. For this purpose, PostgreSQL and MySQL are used; the image database runs on the DAMS (Digital Asset Management System) Cumulus from Canto.

As responsible person for the User Data Office, I take care of compliance of policies and take care of processes and workflows concerning user's data like workflows for user accounts. This requires a good interaction between the people database and the account management.

Another focus of my work is the equipment of the seminar rooms and videoconferencing. Video­conferencing is an increasing field in daily work. Different groups need different technique for internal or external conferences. So, beside the technical equipment, the various options for video­conferencing and presentation need to interact seamlessly.

In addition, I take care of all orders in the IT sector. This field covers the whole purchase process, from determination of requirements and solicitation of quotations up to taking care of inventory, together with the department for procurement and for financial accounting.

Furthermore, I'm the deputy of the Head of IT department.

Beyond my tasks in the IT department, I'm the elected Gender Equality Officer for the institute in Potsdam. Here, I have the task to promote and control the equal treatment of women and men within the institute, the elimination of existing and the prevention of future gender related discrimination. The Gender Equality Officer is involved in all personnel, organizational and social measures which affect the equal opportunities of women and men, the compatibility of work and family and the protection against sexual harassment at the workplace.

Special Function:

  • Gender Equality Officer
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