Dr. Cecilio García Quirós

Junior Scientist/Postdoc
Binary Merger Observations and Numerical Relativity
Location Hannover
+49 511 762-17491

Main Focus

  • Waveform modelling of compact binary coalescences
  • Contribution and implications of subdominant harmonics to biases in parameter recovery
  • Parameter estimation analyses of real events and Numerical Relativity injections
  • Computational efficient algorithms for the evaluation of phenomenological waveforms models
  • GPU applications for computational efficiency

Curriculum Vitae

I obtained my Bachelor's and Master degrees in Physics at the University of Granada in Spain. My initial research career started in the Particle Physics sector, when I got several scholar grants to study the cosmic rays detected by the Pierre Auger Observatory and to search for imprints of Dark Matter with the neutrino telescopes Antares and KM3NeT in Valencia. I also worked on electron microscopy in the Institute of Material Science of Sevilla.

My endeavour in the gravitational wave world started with my Ph.D. at the University of Balearic Islands under the supervision of Profs. Sascha Husa and Alicia Sintes. My main contribution consisted in the development of accurate and computationally efficient waveform models for the signals emitted by binary black hole coalescences. In particular, these models calibrated the effects of subdominant harmonics to Numerical Relativity waveforms for aligned spins cases, while precession was added through a semi-analytical approximation. I also performed multiple parameter estimation studies with these new models analyzing several events from the third observation period of the LIGO-Virgo detectors including the first neutron star black hole merger detections.

I joined the AEI in October 2021 and I look forward to making more contributions to the gravitational wave field by investigating further waveform modelling strategies and data analysis techniques.
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