Luca Prudenzi

Astrophysikalische und Kosmologische Relativitätstheorie
Standort Potsdam
+49 331 567-7187
+49 331 567-7298


My research interests center on the study of neutron star’s internal structure. Gravitational wave signal emitted by binary systems with at least one neutron star can be used to infer the properties of these compact objects. Neutron star-neutron star and black hole-neutron star coalescences are perfect laboratories to test the behavior of nuclear matter at the extreme densities of the neutron star’s core. Unlike the merger of binary black holes, these events can be associated with an electromagnetic counterpart, which observation significantly improves the estimate of all parameters of the binary, providing a complementary tool for the study of neutron stars.


I completed my Bachelor’s degree in 2017 at University of Milan-Bicocca with a study about PN corrections to phase and amplitude of binary black hole systems. I achieved my Master’s degree in 2019 under the supervision of Walter Del Pozzo and Monica Colpi, working on parameter estimation of black hole-neutron star binaries. Starting from November 2019, I am a PhD student at AEI in Professor Buonanno’s division.

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