Speaker: Karsten Danzmann
Karsten Danzmann gives a Saturday Morning Lecture in Hannover. [more]
Seit ewigen Zeiten haben wir das Universum nur sehen und nicht hören können. Das ist schade, denn über 99% des Universums sind dunkel und werden wohl nie mit Licht oder irgendeiner Art von elektromagnetischen Wellen beobachtbar sein. Seit dem 14. September 2015 ist alles anders: Die erste direkte Beobachtung der von zwei verschmelzenden Schwarzen Löchern abgestrahlten Gravitationswellen eröffnet das Zeitalter der Gravitationswellenastronomie. Wir haben ein neues Sinnesorgan bekommen und werden ab jetzt das Universum hören können. [more]

Karsten Danzmann at the Falling Walls Conference

Vortrag von Karsten Danzmann auf der Falling-Walls-Konferenz 2016. [more]

Public talk (in German): Der Klang des Universums

Public talk
The detection of gravitational waves hit the headlines this year. Prof. Dr. Karsten Danzmann explains how this opened an ear to the universe. [more]
Public talk by Prof. Karsten Danzmann on January 18, 2017 at the Audimax of Hildesheim University. [more]
On March 7, 2017, Prof. Dr. Danzmann gives a talk at the Academy Lectures 2017 in the Red Hall of Schloss Braunschweig. [more]
Popular science talk (in German) by Prof. Karsten in the Planetarium Hamburg. [more]

Lower Saxony Research Day

Public talk
Talk by Prof. Danzmann and exhibits from the AEI at “flux” the Lower Saxony Research Day 2017. [more]
Talk in German on 15 June 2017 at 19:00 by Director Karsten Danzmann in the Akademievorlesungen of the Akademie der Wissenschaften in Hamburg. [more]

Awarding of the Körber Prize 2017 to Karsten Danzmann

Award Ceremony
Livestream of the ceremony in Hamburg [more]

Raum.Zeit.Musik – Public talk and concert as part of the Lower Saxony Music Days 2017

Public talk and concert
Prof. Karsten Danzmann, Elbtonal Percussion, Junges Vokalensemble Hannover [more]

Public talk (in German): Wir können das dunkle Universum hören!

Public talk
Prof. Karsten Danzmanngives a public talk in the Kupferbau of the Universität Tübingen. [more]
Prof. Karsten Danzmann gives a talk at the Niedersächsisches Landesmuseum Hannover by invitation of the Naturhistorische Gesellschaft. [more]
Karsten Danzmann will give a talk about the Nobel Prize in Physics 2017. The Bad Honnefer Industriegespräche are a regional forum for the transfer of know-how, the exchange of experiences, and networking among physicists. [more]
What do we know about the dark side of the Universe and what will the future of gravitational-wave astronomy bring? [more]
For thousands of years we have been looking at the universe with our eyes. But most of the universe is dark and will never be observable with electromagnetic waves. Since 14 September 2015, everything is different! [more]

Public talk (in German) “Gravitationswellen - wenn stellare Schwarze Löcher verschmelzen”

Public talk
More than 100 years ago, Albert Einstein predicted that large, compact, and fast-moving masses, such as those that occur in stellar explosions, cause dents in space-time that propagate like waves. These gravitational waves produce tiny length changes over millions of light-years as small as a fraction of an atomic nucleus. Their analysis illuminates, among other things, the physical processes of distant mergers of massive, compact objects that remain hidden from conventional astronomical measurement methods. [more]
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