Room: Hörsaal
Talk in German by Dr. Jens Reiche in “Wissenschaft für Alle”, a public lecture series organized by FAIR and GSI in Darmstadt. [more]

Public talk (in German) “Neues vom Anfang des Universums”

Public talk
Jean-Luc Lehners will hold a talk about the beginning of the Universe. He will discuss wheter the Big Bang was the beginning of the Universe, whether time and space were created in it, and whether there was something before the Big Bang. [more]
Karsten Danzmann will give a talk about the Nobel Prize in Physics 2017. The Bad Honnefer Industriegespräche are a regional forum for the transfer of know-how, the exchange of experiences, and networking among physicists. [more]
Popular science lecture about the current status of gravitational-wave astronomy during the 19. Südthüringer Astronomischen Tag. [more]
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