Speaker: Benjamin Knispel Host: Benjamin Knispel
How does Einstein's theory determine influence in the universe and our lives? Time dilation, black holes and gravitational waves are consequences of Einstein's theory of relativity. Dr. Benjamin Knispel talks about where these and other relativistic effects occur in the universe, but also how they affect us in our daily lives. [more]
Visit star crests, supernova explosions, and massive galaxies. Travel with Benjamin Knispel from our earthly home into the depths of space. Passing by stellar crests, exploding suns, and supermassive black holes in galaxy centers, you will explore the universe and the current state of knowledge. [more]
Public talk about the current status of gravitational-wave astronomy as part of the federal “Max Planck Day”. [more]
Live online talk (in German) about the gravitational waves event discovered to date. [more]
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