Publications of the Albert Einstein Institute in Hannover

Journal Article (10)

  1. 1.
    Fee, M. S.; Chu, S.; Mills, A. P.; Chichester, R. J.; Zuckerman, D. M.; Shaw, E. D.; Danzmann, K.: Measurement of the positronium 1 3S1–2 3S1 interval by continuous-wave two-photon excitation. Physical Review A 48 (1), pp. 192 - 219 (1993)
  2. 2.
    Foster, B.; Heath, G. P.; Llewellyn, T. J.; Gingrich, D. M.; Harnew, N.; Hallam-Baker, P. M.; Khatri, T.; McArthur, I. C.; Morawitz, P.; Nash, J. et al.; Shield, P. D.; Topp-Jorgensen, S.; Wilson, F. F.; Allen, B.; Carter, R. C.; Jeffs, M. D.; Morrissey, M. C.; Quinton, S. P. H.; Lane, J. B.; Postranecky, M.: The performance of the ZEUS central tracking detector z-by-timing electronics in a transputer based data acquisition system. Nuclear Physics B - Proceedings Supplements 32, pp. 181 - 188 (1993)
  3. 3.
    Mizuno, J.; Strain, K. A.; Nelson, P. G.; Chen, J. M.; Schilling, R.; Rüdiger, A.; Winkler, W.; Danzmann, K.: Resonant sideband extraction: a new configuration for interferometric gravitational wave detectors. Physics Letters A 175 (5), pp. 273 - 276 (1993)
  4. 4.
    Niebauer, T. M.; Rüdiger, A.; Schilling, R.; Schnupp, L.; Winkler, W.; Danzmann, K.: Pulsar search using data compression with the Garching gravitational wave detector. Physical Review D 47 (8), pp. 3106 - 3123 (1993)
  5. 5.
    Tünnermann, A.; Momma, C.; Mossavi, K.; Windolph, C.; Wellegehausen, B.: Generation of tunable short pulse VUV radiation by four-wave mixing in xenon with femtosecond KrF-excimer laser pulses. IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 29 (4), pp. 1233 - 1238 (1993)
  6. 6.
    Fee, M. S.; Mills, A. P.; Chu, S.; Shaw, E. D.; Danzmann, K.; Chichester, R. J.; Zuckerman, D. M.: Measurement of the positronium 13S1-23S1 interval by continuous-wave two-photon excitation. Physical Review Letters 70 (10), pp. 1397 - 1400 (1993)
  7. 7.
    Mossavi, K.; Hofmann, T.; Szabo, G.; Tittel, F. K.: Femtosecond gain characteristics of the discharge-pumped ArF excimer amplifier. Optics Letters 18 (6), pp. 435 - 437 (1993)
  8. 8.
    Mossavi, K.; Hofmann, T.; Tittel, F. K.; Szabo, G.: Ultrahigh-brightness, femtosecond ArF excimer laser system. Applied Physics Letters 62 (11), pp. 1203 - 1205 (1993)
  9. 9.
    Danzmann, K.; Ruder, H.: Gravitationswellen: Laser-Interferometer eröffnen ein neues Fenster zum All. Physikalische Blätter 49 (2), pp. 103 - 108 (1993)
  10. 10.
    Danzmann, K.; Rüdiger, A.; Schilling, R.; Winkler, W.; Hough, J.; Bender, P. L.; Edwards, C. D.: LISA (Laser Interferometer Space Antenna). Proposal for a Laser-Interferometric Gravitational Wave Detector in Space. MPQ-Reports 177 (1993)

Conference Paper (4)

  1. 11.
    Danzmann, K.: Laser Interferomatric Gravitational Wave Detectors. In: General relativity and gravitation 1992: proceedings of the Thirteenth International Conference on General Relativity and Gravitation held at Cordoba, Argentina, 28 June-4 July 1992, pp. 3 - 19 (Eds. Gleiser, R.J.; Kozameh, C.N.; Moreschi, O.M.). Thirteenth International Conference on General Relativity and Gravitation, Cordoba, Argentina, June 28, 1992 - July 04, 1992. Institute of Physics, Bristol (1993)
  2. 12.
    Hofmann, T.; Mossavi, K.; Szabo, G.; Tittel, F. K.: Generation and amplification of subpicosecond ARF radiation. In: NINTH INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON GAS FLOW AND CHEMICAL LASERS, pp. 400 - 404 (Eds. Fotakis, C.; Kalpouzos, C.; Papazoglou, T.). 9th International symposium on gas flow and chemical lasers, Crete, Greece, September 21, 1992 - September 25, 1992. SPIE, Bellingham, WA (1993)
  3. 13.
    Szabo, G.; Mossavi, K.; Tittel, F. K.: Ultrahigh-power, femtosecond, ARF excimer-laser system. In: 16th Congress of the international commission for optics: Optics as a key to high technology, Pts. 1 and 2, pp. 12 - 13 (Eds. Akos, G.; Lippenyi, T.; Lupkovics, G.; Podmaniczky, A.). 16th Congress of the international commission for optics, Budapest, Hungary, August 09, 1993 - August 13, 1993. SPIE, Bellingham, WA (1993)
  4. 14.
    Tittel, F. K.; Mossavi, K.; Szabo, G.: Recent progress of terawatt excimer-laser sources. In: OSA proceedings on shortwavelength V: Physics with intense laser pulses, pp. 26 - 30 (Eds. Corkum, P. B.; Perry, M. D.). 5th Topical meeting on the generation of shortwavelength radiation: Physics with intense laser pulses, San Diego, California, March 29, 1993 - March 31, 1993. Optical Society America, Washington (1993)
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