Publications of the Albert Einstein Institute in Hannover

Book Chapter (28)

  1. 1251.
    Book Chapter
    Degallaix, J.: Cryogenic interferometers. In: Advanced Gravitational Wave Detector, pp. 261 - 276 (Ed. Ju, L.). Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (2012)
  2. 1252.
    Book Chapter
    Keitel, D.; Prix, R.; Papa, M. A.; Siddiqi, M.: An F-statistic based multi-detector veto for detector artifacts in continuous-wave gravitational wave data. In: Statistical Challenges in Modern Astronomy V, pp. 511 - 513 (Eds. Feigelson, E. D.; Babu, G. J.). Springer, Heidelberg u.a. (2012)
  3. 1253.
    Book Chapter
    Lück, H.; Punturo, M.: ET: A Third Generation Observatory. In: Advanced Gravitational Wave Detectors, pp. 298 - 316. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, Mass. (2012)
  4. 1254.
    Book Chapter
    Lück, H.; Grote, H.: GEO 600. In: Advanced Gravitational Wave Detector, pp. 155 - 168 (Ed. Ju, L.). Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (2012)
  5. 1255.
    Book Chapter
    Willke, B.; Frede, M.: Lasers for high optical power interferometers. In: Advanced Gravitational Wave Detector, pp. 171 - 185 (Ed. Ju, L.). Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (2012)
  6. 1256.
    Book Chapter
    Lück, H.; Grote, H.: GEO600. In: Advanced GW detectors, pp. 1 - 21. Cambridge Press, Cambridge, Mass. (2010)
  7. 1257.
    Book Chapter
    Prix, R.: Gravitational Waves from Spinning Neutron Stars. In: Neutron Stars and Pulsars, pp. 651 - 685 (Ed. Becker, W.). Springer, Berlin u.a. (2009)
  8. 1258.
    Book Chapter
    Aufmuth, P.: Auf Einsteins Spuren: Die Suche nach Gravitationswellen. In: Mythos Einstein, pp. 21 - 29 (Ed. Pokrowsky, P.). Naturwissenschaftlicher Verein, Zweibrücken (2006)
  9. 1259.
    Book Chapter
    Danzmann, K.; Aufmuth, P.: Auf der Suche nach Einsteins Gravitationswellen. In: Universität Hannover 1831 - 2006. Band 1, pp. 71 - 78 (Ed. Seidel, R.). Georg Olms Verlag, Hildesheim (2006)
  10. 1260.
    Book Chapter
    Danzmann, K.; Rüdiger, A.: Towards gravitational wave astronomy - from Earth and from space. In: Laser Spectroscopy XV, pp. 143 - 158 (Eds. Chu, S.; Vuletic, V.; Kerman, A.J.; Chin, C.). World Scientific, New Jersey (2002)
  11. 1261.
    Book Chapter
    Danzmann, K.; Rüdiger, A.: Seeing the Universe in the light of gravitational waves. In: JENAM 2001: Astronomy with Large Telescopes from Ground and Space, pp. 211 - 230 (Ed. Schielicke, R. E.). Wiley (2002)
  12. 1262.
    Book Chapter
    Prix, R.; Carter, B.; Langlois, D.: Relativistic solution of Lordanskii problem in multi-constituent superfluid mechanics Context Sensitive Links. In: Vortices in Unconventional Superconductors and Superfluids, pp. 167 - 173 (Eds. Huebener, R.P.; Schopohl, N.; Volovik, G.E.). Springer-Verlag, Berlin (2002)
  13. 1263.
    Book Chapter
    Rüdiger, A.; Danzmann, K.: The GEO 600 Gravitational Wave Detector - Status, Research, Development. In: Gyros, Clocks, Interferometers ...: Testing Relativistic Gravity in Space, pp. 131 - 140 (Eds. Lämmerzahl, C.; Everitt, C.W.F.; Hehl, F.W.). Springer, Berlin u.a. (2001)
  14. 1264.
    Book Chapter
    Brozek, O. S.; Zawischa, I.; Peterseim, M.; Willke, B.; Danzmann, K.: The GEO 600 laser system. In: Gravitational waves and experimental gravity, pp. 183 - 188 (Eds. Van Tran Than, J.; Dumarchez, J.; Reynaud, S.; Salomon, C.; Thorsett, S. et al.). World Scientific Publishing Co., Hanoi (2000)
  15. 1265.
    Book Chapter
    Danzmann, K.: Laser Interferometric Gravitational WaveDetectors - on the Ground and in Deep Space. In: Relativistic astrophysics, pp. 48 - 65 (Eds. Riffert, H.; Ruder, H.; Nollert, H.-P.; Hehl, F. W.). Friedr. Vieweg & Sohn Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, Braunschweig / Wiesbaden (1998)
  16. 1266.
    Book Chapter
    Krolak, A.: Searching data for periodic signals. In: Proceedings of the Second Gravitational Wave Data Analysis Workshop, Orsay, France 1997, pp. 247 - 253. Editions Frontières, Paris (1998)
  17. 1267.
    Book Chapter
    Lück, H.; The Geo600 Team: The Vacuum System of GEO600. In: Second Edoardo Amaldi Conference on Gravitational Wave Experiments, pp. 356 - 359 (Eds. Coccia, E.; Veneziano, G.; Pizzella, G.). World Scientific, Singapore (1998)
  18. 1268.
    Book Chapter
    Lück, H.; GEO600 Team: Laboratory experiments on advanced techniques for gravitational wave detectors. In: Gravitational Waves: Sources and Detectors, pp. 311 - 315 (Eds. Ciufolini, I.; Fidecaro, F.) (1997)
  19. 1269.
    Book Chapter
    Bender, P.; Ciufolini, I.; Danzmann, K.; Folkner, W.M.; Hough, J.; Robertson, D.; Rüdiger, A.; Sandford, M.; Schilling, R.; Schutz, B. F. et al.; Stebbins, R.; Sumner, T.; Touboul, P.; Vitale, S.; Ward, H.; Winkler, W.; Cornelisse, J.; Hechler, F.; Jafry, Y.; Reinhard, R.: LISA. Laser Interferometer Space Antenna for the detection and observation of gravitational waves. A Cornerstone Project in ESA's Long Term Space Science Programme "Horizon 2000 Plus". In: Pre-Phase A Report (1995)

Proceedings (1)

  1. 1270.
    Detection and estimation of parameters of the gravitational-wave signals (Frontiers Science Series, 20). TAMA International Workshop on Gravitational Wave Detection, Saitama, Japan, November 12, 1996 - November 14, 1996. (1997)

Conference Paper (279)

  1. 1271.
    Conference Paper
    Korobko, M.; Ma, Y.; Kleybolte, L.; Steinlechner, S.; Ast, S.; Miao, H.; Chen, Y.; Schnabel, R.: Cavity-enhanced quantum metrology with internal squeezed light generation. In: Quantum Information and Measurement (QIM) V: Quantum Technologies, OSA Technical Digest (Optical Society of America). Quantum Information and Measurement 2019, Rome Italy, April 04, 2019 - April 06, 2019. (2019)
  2. 1272.
    Conference Paper
    Nielsen, A. B.; Birnholtz, O.: Gravitational wave bounds on dirty black holes. 8th International Workshop on Astronomy and Relativistic Astrophysics. Astronomische Nachrichten 340 (1-3), pp. 116 - 120 (2019)
  3. 1273.
    Conference Paper
    Nielsen, A.: Lecture Notes on Gravitational Waves. XVIII ISAPP-Baikal Summer School on Particle Physics and Astrophysics, Bolshie Koty, Lake Baikal, Russia , July 12, 2018 - July 21, 2018. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1263 (1), (2019)
  4. 1274.
    Conference Paper
    Ferdman, R. D.; Allen, B.; PALFA collaboration: PSR J1913+1102: a pulsar in a highly asymmetric and relativistic double neutron star system. In: Proceedings of the IAU Symposium 337. Pulsar Astrophysics the Next Fifty YearsProceedings IAU Symposium No.337, 2017. (2018)
  5. 1275.
    Conference Paper
    Kawazoe, F.; Bruns , S.: Structured Doctoral Education in Hannover - Joint Programme IMPRS-GW and geo-Q RTG. 12th Edoardo Amaldi Conference on Gravitational Waves (AMALDI 12), Pasadena, CA, USA, July 09, 2017 - July 14, 2017. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 957, (2018)
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