Publications of the Albert Einstein Institute in Hannover

Book Chapter (3)

  1. 26.
    Book Chapter
    Prix, R.; Carter, B.; Langlois, D.: Relativistic solution of Lordanskii problem in multi-constituent superfluid mechanics Context Sensitive Links. In: Vortices in Unconventional Superconductors and Superfluids, pp. 167 - 173 (Eds. Huebener, R.P.; Schopohl, N.; Volovik, G.E.). Springer-Verlag, Berlin (2002)

Conference Paper (3)

  1. 27.
    Conference Paper
    Prix, R.; Novak, J.; Comer, G. L.: Stationary structure of relativistic superfluid neutron stars. 26th Spanish Relativity Meeting, 2002., (2002)
  2. 28.
    Conference Paper
    Hough, J.; Aufmuth, P.; Balasubramanian, R.; Barr, B. W.; Brozec, O. S.; Cagnoli, G.; Chassande-Mottin, E.; Churches, D.; Clubley, D.; Crooks, D. R. M. et al.; Cutler, C.; Danzmann, K.; Fallnich, C.; Freise, A.; Goßler, S.; Grado, A.; Grant, A.; Grote, H.; Husman, M.; Kawabe, K.; Kirchner, M.; Klövekorn, P.; Kötter, K.; Leonhardt, V.; Lück, H.; McNamara, P. W.; McIntosh, S. A.; Mossavi, K.; Nagano, S.; Newton, G. P.; Owen, B. J.; Palmer, D. A.; Papa, M. A.; Peterseim, M.; Plissi, M. V.; Quetschke, V.; Robertson, D. I.; Robertson, N. A.; Rowan, S.; Rüdiger, A.; Sathyaprakash, B. S.; Schilling, R.; Schutz, B. F.; Sintes, A. M.; Skeldon, K. D.; Sneddon, P.; Strain, K. A.; Taylor, I.; Torrie, C. I.; Vecchio, A.; Ward, H.; Weidner, A.; Welling, H.; Williams, P.; Willke, B.; Winkler, W.; Zawischa, I.; Casey, M.: GEO 600 - Research, Progress and Prospects. In: Proceedings of the Ninth Marcel Grossmann Meeting on General Relativity, Vol. 9, pp. 1843 - 1844 (Eds. Gurzadyan, V. G.; Jantzen, R. T.; Ruffini, R.). Ninth Marcel Grossmann Meeting on General Relativity, University of Rome "La Sapienza", Italy, July 02, 2000 - July 08, 2000. (2002)
  3. 29.
    Conference Paper
    Vitale, S.; Bender, P.; Brillet, A.; Buchman, S.; Cavalleri, A.; Cerdonio, M.; Cruise, M.; Cutler, C.; Danzmann, K.; Dolesi, R. et al.; Folkner, W.; Gianolio, A.; Jafry, Y.; Hasinger, G.; Heinzel, G.; Hogan, C.; Hueller, M.; Hough, J.; Phinney, S.; Prince, T.; Richstone, D.; Robertson, D.; Rodrigues, M.; Rüdiger, A.; Sandford, M.; Schilling, R.; Shoemaker, D.; Schutz, B. F.; Stebbins, R.; Stubbs, C.; Sumner, T.; Thorne, K.; Tinto, M.; Touboul, P.; Ward, H.; Weber, W.; Winkler, W.: LISA and its in-flight test precursor SMART-2. TAUP 2001 - The International Conference on Topics in Astroparticle and Underground Physics (TAUP, 7th, Italy, September 08, 2001 - September 12, 2001. Nuclear Physics B. Proceedings Supplements 110, pp. 209 - 216 (2002)

Working Paper (1)

  1. 30.
    Working Paper
    Heinzel, G.; Rüdiger, A.; Schilling, R.: Spectrum and spectral density estimation by the Discrete Fourier transform (DFT), including a comprehensive list of window functions and some new at-top windows. (2002)

Other (1)

  1. 31.
    Allen, B.; Aulbert, C.; Berukoff, S.; Cutler, C.; Feg, T.; Naundorf, H.; Papa, M. A.; Sadowsky, N.; Schutz, B. F.: Merlin cluster - report for the BAR. (2002)
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