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Journal Article (115)

  1. 101.
    Journal Article
    Setyawati, Y. E.; Ohme, F.; Khan, S.: Enhancing gravitational waveform models through dynamic calibration. Physical Review D 99, 024010 (2019)
  2. 102.
    Journal Article
    Sharapov, A. A.; Skvortsov, E.: A simple construction of associative deformations. Letters in Mathematical Physics, pp. 1 - 19 (2019)
  3. 103.
    Journal Article
    Sharapov, A. A.; Skvortsov, E. D.: Formal Higher Spin Gravities. Nuclear physics B 941, pp. 838 - 860 (2019)
  4. 104.
    Journal Article
    Shibata, M.; Zhou, E.; Kiuchi, K.; Fujibayashi, S.: Constraint on the maximum mass of neutron stars using GW170817 event. Physical Review D 100, 023015 (2019)
  5. 105.
    Journal Article
    Singh, S.; McMahon, N.; Brennen, G.: Entanglement renormalization and symmetry fractionalization. Physical Review B 99 (19), 195139 (2019)
  6. 106.
    Journal Article
    Skvortsov, E.: Light-Front Bootstrap for Chern-Simons Matter Theories. Journal of High Energy Physics 2019 (6), 58 (2019)
  7. 107.
    Journal Article
    Torres-Forne, A.; Cerdá-Durán, P.; Passamonti, A.; Obergaulinger, M.; Font, J. A.: Towards asteroseismology of core-collapse supernovae with gravitational wave observations - II. Inclusion of space-time perturbations. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 482 (3), pp. 3967 - 3988 (2019)
  8. 108.
    Journal Article
    Torres-Forne, A.; Cerdá-Durán, P.; Obergaulinger, M.; Müller, B.; Font, J. A.: Universal relations for gravitational-wave asteroseismology of proto-neutron stars. Physical Review Letters 123 (5), 051102 (2019)
  9. 109.
    Journal Article
    Tsukada, L.; Callister, T.; Matas, A.; Meyers, P.: A first search for a stochastic gravitational-wave background from ultralight bosons. Physical Review D 99 (10), 103015 (2019)
  10. 110.
    Journal Article
    Uchida, H.; Shibata, M.; Takahashi, K.; Yoshida, T.: Black Hole Formation and Explosion from Rapidly Rotating Very Massive Stars. The Astrophysical Journal 870 (2), 98 (2019)
  11. 111.
    Journal Article
    Uchida, H.; Shibata, M.; Takahashi , K.; Yoshida , T.: Gravitational waves from very massive stars collapsing to a black hole. Physical Review D 99 (4), 041302 (2019)
  12. 112.
    Journal Article
    Varma, V.; Field, S.; Scheel, M. A.; Blackman, J.; Kidder, L. E.; Pfeiffer, H.: Surrogate model of hybridized numerical relativity binary black hole waveforms. Physical Review D 99 (6), 064045 (2019)
  13. 113.
    Journal Article
    Vines, J.; Steinhoff, J.; Buonanno, A.: Spinning-black-hole scattering and the test-black-hole limit at second post-Minkowskian order. Physical Review D 99, 064054 (2019)
  14. 114.
    Journal Article
    Walsh, S.; Wette, K.; Papa, M. A.; Prix, R.: Optimizing the choice of analysis method for all-sky searches for continuous gravitational waves with Einstein@Home. Physical Review D 99 (8), 082004 (2019)
  15. 115.
    Journal Article
    Witzany, V.; Steinhoff, J.; Lukes-Gerakopoulos, G.: Hamiltonians and canonical coordinates for spinning particles in curved space-time. Classical and Quantum Gravity 36 (7), 075003 (2019)

Book Chapter (4)

  1. 116.
    Book Chapter
    Barrett, J. W.; Oriti, D.; Williams, R. M.: Tullio Regge's legacy: Regge calculus and discrete gravity. In: Tullio Regge: an eclectic genius, from quantum gravity to computer play (Eds. Castellani, L.; Ceresole, A.; D'Auria, R.; Fre, P.). World Scientific (2019)
  2. 117.
    Book Chapter
    Kotecha, I.; Chirco, G.: Generalized Gibbs Ensembles in Discrete Quantum Gravity. In: Lecture Notes in Computer Science: Geometric Science of Information 2019. Springer (submitted)
  3. 118.
    Book Chapter
    Oriti, D.: Levels of spacetime emergence in quantum gravity. In: Beyond Spacetime: The Foundations of Quantum Gravity (Eds. Wuethrich, C.; Le Bihan, B.; Huggett, N.). Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (2019)
  4. 119.
    Book Chapter
    Oriti, D.: The Bronstein hypercube of quantum gravity. In: Beyond Spacetime: The Foundations of Quantum Gravity (Ed. Huggett, N.). Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (2019)

Conference Paper (3)

  1. 120.
    Conference Paper
    Gahramanov, I.; Jafarzade, S.: Comments on the multi-spin solution to the Yang-Baxter equation and basic hypergeometric sum/integral identity. 25th International Conference on Integrable Systems and Quantum Symmetries (ISQS-25), Prague, Czech Republic, June 06, 2017 - June 10, 2017. Modern Physics Letters A 34 (18), (2019)
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