Publications of the Albert Einstein Institute in Potsdam

Report (13)

  1. 4221.
    Hough, J.; Meers, B. J.; Newton, G. P.; Robertson, N. A.; Ward, H.; Schutz, B. F.; Drever, R. W. P.; Mason, R.; Pollard, C.; Tolcher, R. et al.; Bellenger, D. W.; Bennett, J. R. J.; Corbett, I. F.; Percival, M. D.: A British long baseline gravitational wave observatory (Rutherford Appleton Laboratorium, RAL-86-001). (1986)

Journal (1)

  1. 4222.
    Schutz, B. F.; Beig, R.; Brügmann, B.; Isham, C.; Iyer, B.; Loll, R.; Pullin, J.; Renn, J.; Seidel, E.; Wambsganss, J. et al.; Will, C. (Eds.): Living Reviews in Relativity. Max-Planck-Institut für Gravitationsphysik, Golm near Potsdam, Germany

Other (45)

  1. 4223.
    Oriti, D.: On the depth of quantum space, (2011)
  2. 4224.
    Radke, T.: Prototype Implementation of grid-enabled Monitoring Methods - Documentation and Test Report, (2007)
  3. 4225.
    Radke, T.: Requirements on grid-enabled Monitoring & Steering Methods in AstroGrid-D Applications, (2006)
  4. 4226.
    Radke, T.: Architecture of generic grid-enabled Monitoring & Steering Methods in AstroGrid-D Applications, (2006)
  5. 4227.
    Radke, T.: Existing Monitoring & Steering Functionality in AstroGrid-D Applications, (2006)
  6. 4228.
    Kleinschmidt, A.: Neue Symmetriestrukturen in der Stringtheorie, (2006)
  7. 4229.
    Arutyunov, G.; Staudacher, M.: Two-loop commuting charges and the string/gauge duality, (2004)
  8. 4230.
    Bharati, A. A. S.; Blythe, J.; Deelman, E.; Gil, Y.; Kesselman, C.; Mehta, G.; Patil, S.; Rao, S.; Singh, G.; Thiebaux, M. et al.; Vahi, K.; Anderson, S.; Papa, M. A.; Sintes, A. M.: Contribution to the EAC Meeting Report by the LIGO-GriPhyN Working Group. (2003)
  9. 4231.
    Boyarsky, A.; Kulik, B.; Ruchayskiy, O.: Classical and Quantum Branes in c=1 String Theory and Quantum Hall Effect, (2003)
  10. 4232.
    Krasnov, K.: Twistors, CFT and Holography, (2003)
  11. 4233.
    Allen, B.; Aulbert, C.; Berukoff, S.; Cutler, C.; Feg, T.; Naundorf, H.; Papa, M. A.; Sadowsky, N.; Schutz, B. F.: Merlin cluster - report for the BAR. (2002)
  12. 4234.
    Arutyunov, G.; Sokatchev, E.: On properties of BPS multiplets in perturbation theory, (2002)
  13. 4235.
    Braun, V.; Stefanski, B.: Orientifolds and Ktheory, (2002)
  14. 4236.
    Fischbacher, T.: Introducing LambdaTensor 1.0 - A package for explicit symbolic and numeric Lie algebra and Lie group calculations, (2002)
  15. 4237.
    Sahlmann, H.: Some Comments on the Representation Theory of the Algebra Underlying Loop Quantum Gravity, (2002)
  16. 4238.
    Shojai, F.; Shojai, A.: Weyl Geometry and Quantum Gravity, (2002)
  17. 4239.
    Shojai, A.; Shojai, F.: Quantum Einstein Equations, (2002)
  18. 4240.
    Alekseev, A. Y.; Schomerus, V.: RR charges of D2-branes in the WZW model, (2000)
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