Publications of the Albert Einstein Institute in Potsdam

Journal Article (3205)

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    Käppeli, J.; Theisen, S.; Vanhove, P.: A note on topological amplitudes in hybrid string theory.
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  4. 3184.
    Milbredt, O.: The Cauchy Problem for Membranes. Classical and Quantum Gravity
  5. 3185.
    Petroff, D.; Ansorg, M.: The Extreme Distortion of Black Holes due to Matter.
  6. 3186.
    Punzi, R.; Schuller, F. P.; Wohlfarth, M. N. R.: Light clocks in strong gravitational fields.
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    Szpak, N.: Quasinormal mode expansion and the exact solution of the Cauchy problem for wave equations.
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    Szpak, N.: Weighted-L∞ and pointwise space-time decay estimates for wave equations with potentials and initial data of low regularity. Journal of Hyperbolic Differential Equations
  11. 3191.
    Szpak, N.: Simple proof of a useful pointwise estimate for the wave equation. Letters in Mathematical Physics
  12. 3192.
    Thiemann, T.: Solving the Problem of Time in General Relativity and Cosmology with Phantoms and k -- Essence.
  13. 3193.
    Varela, O.: Lifshitz geometries in M-Theory.
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