Publications of the Albert Einstein Institute in Potsdam

Working Paper (19)

  1. 201.
    Working Paper
    Hinderer, T.; Nissanke, S.; Foucart, F.; Hotokezaka, K.; Vincent, T.; Kasliwal, M.; Schmidt, P.; Williamson, A. R.; Nichols, D.; Duez, M. et al.; Kidder, L. E.; Pfeiffer, H. P.; Scheel, M. A.: Discerning the binary neutron star or neutron star-black hole nature of GW170817 with Gravitational Wave and Electromagnetic Measurements. (2018), 9 pages, 7 figures pp.
  2. 202.
    Working Paper
    Chattopadhyay, A.; Dutta, P.; Dutta, S.; Ghoshal, D.: Matrix Model for Riemann Zeta via its Local Factors. (2018), 1+38 pages p.
  3. 203.
    Working Paper
    Marsat, S.; Baker, J. G.: Fourier-domain modulations and delays of gravitational-wave signals. (2018), 41 pages, 21 figures pp.
  4. 204.
    Working Paper
    Rao, J.: Cyclicity of All Anti-NMHV and N^2MHV Tree Amplitudes in N=4 SYM. (2018), 9 pages, 1 appendix pp.
  5. 205.
    Working Paper
    Banihashemi, B.; Vines, J.: Gravitomagnetic tidal effects in gravitational waves from neutron star binaries. (2018), 15 pages pp.
  6. 206.
    Working Paper
    Lewis, A. G. M.; Pfeiffer, H. P.: Automatic generation of CUDA code performing tensor manipulations using C++ expression templates. (2018), 46 pages, 5 figures pp.
  7. 207.
    Working Paper
    Rao, J.: Simplex-like Structures of Maximally Supersymmetric Scattering Amplitudes. (2018), 5 pages, 2 figures. Introductory overview of 1609.08627v2 pp.
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