Publications of the Albert Einstein Institute in Potsdam

Working Paper (19)

  1. 181.
    Working Paper
    Novak, J.; Butter, D.; Tartaglino-Mazzucchelli, G.: Conformal supergravity invariants and component reduction in six dimensions. (2017)
  2. 182.
    Working Paper
    Paganini, C.; Ruba, B.; Oancea, M. A.: Characterization of Null Geodesics on Kerr Spacetimes. (submitted)
  3. 183.
    Working Paper
    Santilli, M.: Curvature of closed subsets of Euclidean space and minimal submanifolds of arbitrary codimension. (submitted), 35 pages pp.
  4. 184.
    Working Paper
    Santilli, M.: Rectifiability and approximate differentiability of higher order for sets. (submitted), Exposition of some parts (included Abstract and Introduction) revised. Proof of Lemma 5.2 slightly modified to correct a mistake. Some references added pp.
  5. 185.
    Working Paper
    Singh, A.; Papa, M. A.; Zhu, S.; Eggenstein, H.-B.: The upper-limit procedure for the most recent Einstein@Home searches. (2017)
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