Dr.  Benjamin  Knispel
Dr. Benjamin Knispel
Press Officer AEI Hannover
Phone:+49 511 762-19104Fax:+49 511 762-17182
Dr. Elke Müller
Dr. Elke Müller
Press Officer AEI Potsdam
Phone:+49 331 567-7303Fax:+49 331 567-7298

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Gravitational-wave detector GEO600

Gravitational Wave Detection on Earth: GEO600

Film about GEO600

This movie shows how we can detect strong gravitational radiation, e.g. emitted during the collision of two black holes, with the gravitational-wave detector GEO600.

GEO600 from the air

Camera orbits site at high altitude, wide shot

GEO600 from the air

Camera hovers above central building, pans along both arms

GEO600 from the air

Camera moves away from the window of a control room where scientists are working and pans out to a wide total shot
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