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Use of the library

The library is situated on the right side of the institute and is open for use by the institute members at all times.

Lending Rules

Members and guests of the institute can borrow books, bound journal volumes and single journal issues and can take them to their offices.
For that reason and to show other interested users where they can find the borrowed books and journals it is absolutely necessary to check the books out on the catalog.
It is not allowed to take books and journals out of the institute!

Please make yourself familar with the rules so as to allow us to continue to run the library in a flexible and convenient manner.

If you have any questions regarding the library or the computer please ask the librarian.     
Ground floor:
Journals (A to C), General Science (e.g. Nature, Science ...), Newspapers and General Information

1st floor:
Journals (D to Z), and current journal issues

2nd floor:
Books (Monographs and Series) in systematical order

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