Master thesis project in numerical relativity at AEI Potsdam

Stellenangebot vom 30. April 2019

Master thesis project in the Division of Astrophysical and Cosmological Relativity at the Albert-Einstein-Institut Potsdam

Application of numerical relativity to the study of thermal noise properties of LIGO's mirror coatings.

Ongoing world-wide research efforts aim to improve the sensitivity of future ground-based gravitational wave detectors like LIGO and Virgo. Thermal noise within mirror coatings represents an important limitation to the achievable sensitivity of the detectors. Thermal noise can be studied theoretically via partial differential equations that are very similar to equations that occur when solving Einstein's equations for merging black holes. The goal of this Masters project is to explore the application of state-of-the-art numerical relativity codes --which are being developed at the Albert-Einstein-Institute to study black holes-- to the thermal noise problem. The student will adapt the existing numerical codes to the problem at hand, and apply these tools to the study of tentative designs for future gravitational wave detectors.

This research project has a strong focus on scientific high-performance-computing. In particular, interest and/or expertise in the following topics is desired:

- Numerical methods for solving partial differential equations that describe physical systems 
- Parallel high-performance computing 
- Developing C++ and Python code 
- General relativity and gravitational wave science

Interested students should contact Harald Pfeiffer,
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