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Dr. Benjamin Knispel
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Dr. Elke Müller
Dr. Elke Müller
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More stable laser light with squeezing

22. Oktober 2018
AEI researchers show how to improve laser power stability by the injection of a squeezed vacuum [mehr]

GW170817 revisited

15. Oktober 2018
Updated Analysis of GW170817 by the LIGO and Virgo Collaboration places tight constraints on the neutron star equation of state. [mehr]

A radiative transfer simulation for the GW170817 kilonova

27. September 2018
Study shows how consistently taking into account the interplay of ejecta components naturally reproduces observed lightcurves and photospheric velocity [mehr]

What shadow does a binary black hole cast?

31. August 2018
A new and simple way to calculate shadows of dynamical binary black holes without expensive numerical-relativity computations [mehr]

New symmetries could be the reason why there are only the known constituents of matter

31. August 2018
Exploiting a coincidence with N=8 supergravity, a new study uses novel symmetries to explain why there are only the observed quarks and leptons [mehr]

Do black hole mergers produce gravitational-wave echoes?

15. Juni 2018
AEI researchers search for echoes after black hole mergers [mehr]

High-resolution simulations of strongly magnetized binary neutron star merger remnants

15. Juni 2018
Detailed simulation of binary neutron star merger and successive formation of massive remnant and torus shows how magneto-turbulence creates viscosity [mehr]

The role of viscosity in binary neutron star mergers

12. Juni 2018
For the first time, researchers self-consistenly model a binary neutron star merger and its long-term evolution with viscous hydrodynamics and its ejecta [mehr]

Gravitational waveforms with higher modes from merging black holes

19. April 2018
The first higher-multipole model of spinning and coalescing black-hole binaries improves accuracy of waveforms and measurement of astrophysical parameters [mehr]
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