Development and characterisation of an advanced beam-alignment tool with digital readout (BSc or MSc thesis in Physics)

Job Offer from June 21, 2019

High precision interferometers for satellite missions are a new development to enable gravity missions such as LISA or Grace Follow-on. These missions measure gravitational waves or the earth’s gravity field by utilizing monolithic interferometers with picometre stability.

The Backlink team comprising of currently 5 scientists at the AEI Hannover constructs prototypes of the flight hardware in its cleanroom facilities and require ultra-high precision tools for the alignment in the construction process. The bachelor or master student will work in the cleanroom on the experimental realization of a calibrated quadrant photodetector (cQP). The work is mainly comprised of experimental optics, usage of a coordinate measurement machine, digital readout as well as automated control of the alignment process. We offer this project to Bachelor students or to Master students. The latter are also expected to work in the construction of optical bench interferometers for satellite missions during their thesis.

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