Dr. Elke Müller
Dr. Elke Müller
Press Officer AEI Potsdam
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Dr.  Benjamin  Knispel
Dr. Benjamin Knispel
Press Officer AEI Hannover
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Upcoming Events

Public talk

19620 1565178471

Gravitational Waves: The Nobel Prize - and what's next?

Public lecture by Harald Pfeiffer as part of the series “Science2Go” in the Science Park Potsdam-Golm. [more]

Public talk

19989 1566474082

Public talk (in Englisch): “How black hole mergers can be observed with gravitational waves”

Public talk by Bruce Allen, director at the AEI Hannover. [more]

Public talk

21778 1570533317

Public talk (in German): Schwarze Löcher auf Kollisionskurs: Wenn Raum und Zeit erzittern

Jan Steinhoff will give a puplic talk (in German) about gravitational waves, black holes and the dark side of our universe. [more]

IMPRS Lectures

20764 1569493004

IMPRS Lectures for Graduate Students

As part of the International Max Planck Research School on Gravitational-Wave Astronomy, the AEI in Potsdam organises lectures for graduate students. The first course "Making sense of data: introduction to statistics for gravitational wave astronomy" will take place in Fall/Winter 2019/2020. [more]

Öffentlicher Vortrag

21850 1570777502

Leibniz Campus Lecture “Are We Alone in the Universe? The Fermi Paradox and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence”

Why does the Universe appear silent and empty when life - and presumably intelligent life - exists elsewhere? [more]


21784 1570541471

Symposium "History for Physics: Quantum Gravity"

This symposium aims at demonstrating the importance of the history of physics within current research in physics itself. [more]


19887 1566473533

Workshop "Geometry and Duality"

This workshop will bring together experts from different fields of string theory where dualities and geometry play an important role. [more]

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