Analysis and fusion of attitude data from the GRACE Follow-On satellites (BSc thesis)

Stellenangebot vom 12. März 2018

The GRACE Follow-On mission (launch: May 2018) is the successor of the GRACE mission (2002-2017), with the goal of measuring Earth's gravitational field. For both missions, the main observable is the range between two satellites which are separated by about 200 km. However, a number of other sensor data is used for the gravity field recovery. In particular, attitude data plays an important role. Fortunately, there exist different measurements from which the true orientation of the satellites can be estimated. It has been shown that combining these different attitude data can be benefitial to the overall mission goal. The task in this project is to analyze and summarize the data types which provide information about the satellite orientations, retrace and reproduce earlier combination methods, and possibly identify improvements for the future.

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