Residents' Office in Potsdam

Residents' Offices in Berlin

Becoming A Resident In Germany

Registration of Residence (Anmeldung)

You must register your place of residence at the Residents’ Office (Bürgerservicecenter or Bürgeramt) within 14 days upon your arrival. Where you should register and which documents you should bring with you, depends on your city of residence.

If your family comes with you to Germany, all members must be registered. Therefore, you need the same documents for each member of your family, together with birth certificates of any children and/or (for married couples) your marriage certificate (translated if necessary). After completing the application, you will receive a registration confirmation.

Please contact  (Potsdam/Berlin) or  (Hannover) for an appointment and more information.

General Remarks:

If you change your address during your time in Germany, you need to re-register within 14 days at the Residents’ Office with your new address (Wohnsitz ummelden).

If you plan on moving to another country, please remember to de-register at the city hall (Abmeldung). In Potsdam and Berlin you can de-register either in person or via mail. Please get in touch with your International Office for help.

Documents Required for Potsdam

Documents Required for Berlin

Documents Required for Hannover

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