Housing in Potsdam

Finding A Place to Stay


Short-Term Accommodation

Max Planck Campus Guesthouse

The secretary of your division can book a room in the on-campus guesthouse for you. You can stay in the guesthouse for up to 3 months, which can give you time to find long-term accommodation. We would like to encourage you to make a reservation with the secretary of your division as soon as possible.

Other Short-Term Options

For short-term accommodation in Potsdam or Berlin, it is recommended to look for other guesthouses (“Gästehaus”), pensions (“Pension”) or holiday apartments (“Ferienwohnungen”).

For short-term housing, you are welcome to contact the secretary of your division and/or the IO for further assistance. The IO can provide you with a list of useful resources for your search.

Long-Term Accommodation

Please contact the IO in advance if you require assistance in finding long-term accommodation.

If you are planning on living in Potsdam for a minimum of 1 year (or 6 months in a WG/shared flat), you also have the option to contact our colleagues at the Welcome Service of the Potsdam Science Park.

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