Publications of the Laser Interferometry and Gravitational Wave Astronomy Division

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    Danzmann, K.; Meyerhof, W. E.; Belkacem, A.; Montenegro, E. C.; Dillard, E.; Hülskötter, H. P.; Guardala, N.; Spooner, D. W.; Kotlinski, B.; Cline, D. et al.; Kavka, A.; Beausang, C. W.; Burde, J.; McDonald, R. J.; Macchiavelli, A. O.; Rude, B. S.; Molitoris, J. D.: Search for narrow-peak structure in the three-photon spectrum from 6-MeV/nucleon U+Th, U+U, and Th+Th collisions. Physical Review C 44 (6), pp. 2584 - 2587 (1991)
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    Journal Article
    Winkler, W.; Danzmann, K.; Rüdiger, A.; Schilling, R.: Heating by optical absorption and the performance of interferometric gravitational-wave detectors. Physical Review A 44 (11), pp. 7022 - 7036 (1991)
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    Journal Article
    Fee, M. S.; Mills, A. P.; Shaw, E. D.; Chichester, R. J.; Zuckerman, D. M.; Chu, S.; Danzmann, K.: Sensitive detection of Doppler-free two-photon-excited 2S positronium by spatially separated photoionization. Physical Review A 44 (1), pp. R5 - R8 (1991)
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    Journal Article
    Niebauer, T. M.; Schilling, R.; Danzmann, K.; Rüdiger, A.; Winkler, W.: Nonstationary shot noise and its effect on the sensitivity of interferometers. Physical Review A 43 (9), pp. 5022 - 5029 (1991)
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    Journal Article
    Tünnermann, A.; Eichmann, H.; Henking, R.; Mossavi, K.; Wellegehausen, B.: Single-shot autocorrelator for KrF subpicosecond pulses based on two-photon fluorescence of cadmium vapor at X = 508 nm. Optics Letters 16 (6), pp. 402 - 404 (1991)
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    Journal Article
    Danzmann, K.: Ein zartes Zittern. Bild der Wissenschaft 8, p. 80 (1991)
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