Apl. Prof. Dr. Gerhard Heinzel
Apl. Prof. Dr. Gerhard Heinzel
Research Group Leader
Phone:+49 511 762-19984Fax:+49 511 762-2784
Dr. Jens Reiche
Project Manager LPF
Phone:+49 511 762-5844Fax:+49 511 762-2784
Dr. Martin Hewitson
Phone:+49 511 762-17121Fax:+49 511 762-2784

LISA: the reformulated mission

LISA is a space mission designed to measure gravitational radiation over a broad band at low frequencies, from about 0.1 mHz to 1 Hz, a band where the universe is richly populated by strong sources of gravitational waves. It measures signals from a wide range of different sources that are of strong interest to the astrophysics of black hole and galaxy formation, and also to tests of general relativity and to cosmology: massive black holes merging in galaxies at all distances; massive black holes consuming smaller compact objects; known binary compact stars and stellar remnants; members of known populations of more distant binaries; and probably other sources, possibly including relics of the extremely early Big Bang, which are as yet unknown.

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