Apl. Prof. Dr. Gerhard Heinzel
Apl. Prof. Dr. Gerhard Heinzel
Research Group Leader
Phone:+49 511 762-19984Fax:+49 511 762-2784

Experiments for Space Interferometry

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Lab Experiments

AEI is the largest laboratory worldwide for LISA interferometry. We cover the widest range of technologies while keeping close contact to all other participating groups.

Main work in this section concerns the development and testing of essential components for space interferometry.


We built an experiment that allows to routinely measure a rarely used but important property of multi-stage lasers, namely the relative phase stability between carrier and sidebands (dispersion) in the amplifier stage. We could show that several combinations of seed laser and fiber amplifier fulfill the requirements for the clock noise transfer. The remaining question for the LISA laser is mainly the verification of space compatibility, reliability and lifetime, which is an industrial task.


This is considered a critical component, and our in house development is well advanced. The noise performance with electrical signals is compliant, and connected to optical signals. We collaborate with APC Paris to independently test the phasemeter.

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