Publikationen des AEI Potsdam und AEI Hannover

Paper (219)

  1. 5201.
    Lekeu, V.; Leonard, A.: Prepotentials for linearized supergravity. (2018)
  2. 5202.
    Baumann, D.; Chia, H. S.; Porto, R. A.: Probing Ultralight Bosons with Binary Black Holes. (2018)
  3. 5203.
    Dietrich , T.; Khan, S.; Dudi, R.; Kapadia, S. J.; Kumar, P.; Nagar, A.; Ohme, F.; Pannarale, F.; Samajdar, A.; Bernuzzi, S. et al.; Carullo, G.; Del Pozzo, W.; Haney, M.; Markakis, C.; Puerrer, M.; Riemenschneider, G.; Setyawati, Y. E.; Tsang, K. W.; Broeck, C. V. D.: Matter imprints in waveform models for neutron star binaries: tidal and self-spin effects. (2018)
  4. 5204.
    Cotesta , R.; Buonanno, A.; Bohé, A.; Taracchini, A.; Hinder, I.; Ossokine, S.: Enriching the Symphony of Gravitational Waves from Binary Black Holes by Tuning Higher Harmonics. (2018)
  5. 5205.
    Afle, C.; Gupta, A.; Gadre, B.; Kumar, P.; Demos, N.; Lovelace, G.; Choi, H. G.; Lee, H. M.; Mitra, S.; Boyle, M. et al.; Hemberger, D. A.; Kidder, L. E.; Pfeiffer, H.; Scheel, M. A.; Szilagyi, B.: Detection and characterization of spin-orbit resonances in the advanced gravitational wave detectors era. (2018)
  6. 5206.
    Oriti, D.: The Bronstein hypercube of quantum gravity. (2018)
  7. 5207.
    Bozkurt, D. N.; Gahramanov, I.: Pentagon identities arising in supersymmetric gauge theory computations. (2018)
  8. 5208.
    Broedel, J.; Schlotterer, O.; Zerbini, F.: From elliptic multiple zeta values to modular graph functions: open and closed strings at one loop. (2018)
  9. 5209.
    Alonso-Serrano, A.; Bouhmadi-Lopez, M.; Martin-Moruno, P.: f(R) quantum cosmology: avoiding the Big Rip. (2018)
  10. 5210.
    Rao, J.: Simplex-like Structures of Maximally Supersymmetric Scattering Amplitudes. (2018)
  11. 5211.
    Brehm, E. M.: Heavy Quarks in Strongly Coupled Non-Conformal Plasmas with Anisotropy. (2018)
  12. 5212.
    Sharapov, A. A.; Skvortsov., E.: Noncommutative deformation quantization via injective resolutions. (eingereicht)
  13. 5213.
    Gahramanov, I.; Jafarzade, S.: Integrable lattice spin models from supersymmetric dualities. (2017)
  14. 5214.
    Bykov, D.: Ricci-flat metrics on the cone over CP^2 # \overline\CP^2. (2017)
  15. 5215.
    Das, D.; Datta, S.; Pal, S.: Modular crossings, OPE coefficients and black holes. (2017)
  16. 5216.
    Bahamonde, S.; Boehmer, C. G.; Carloni, S.; Copeland, E. J.; Fang, W.; Tamanini, N.: Dynamical systems applied to cosmology: dark energy and modified gravity. (2017)
  17. 5217.
    Das, D.; Datta, S.; Pal, S.: Modular crossings, OPE coefficients and black holes. (2017)
  18. 5218.
    Chow, D. D. K.: Conformal isometry of the six-dimensional black string and dualities of null geodesics. (2017)
  19. 5219.
    He, S.: Conformal Bootstrap to Renyi Entropy in 2D Liouville and Super-Liouville CFTs. (2017)
  20. 5220.
    Lewandowski, A.: On Feynman rules for not entirely external lines in leptogenesis and beyond. (2017)
  21. 5221.
    Oriti, D.: Spacetime as a quantum many-body system. (2017)
  22. 5222.
    Jacobson, T.; Rodriguez, M. J.: Blandford-Znajek process in vacuo and its holographic dual. (2017)
  23. 5223.
    Kawaguchi, K.; Kyutoku, K.; Nakano, H.; Shibata, M.: Extracting the cutoff frequency in the gravitational-wave spectrum of black hole-neutron star mergers. (2017)
  24. 5224.
    Gielen, S.; Oriti, D.: Cosmological perturbations from full quantum gravity. (2017)
  25. 5225.
    Guedezounme, S. L.; Kanfon, A. D.; Ousmane Samary, D.: Lattice oscillator model on noncommutative space, eigenvalues problem for the perturbation theory. (2017)
  26. 5226.
    Dhurandhar, S.; Krishnan, B.; Willis, J. L.: Marginalizing the likelihood function for modeled gravitational wave searches. (2017)
  27. 5227.
    Baloitcha, E.; Lahoche, V.; Ousmane Samary, D.: Energy momentum tensor for translation invariant renormalizable noncommutative field theory. (2017)
  28. 5228.
    Gahramanov, I.; Musaev, E. T.: Integrability properties of renormalization group flow. (2017)
  29. 5229.
    Dal Canton, T.; Harry, I.: Designing a template bank to observe compact binary coalescences in Advanced LIGO's second observing run. (2017)
  30. 5230.
    Ghosh, S.; Sarkar, S.; Verma, M.: Implications of the AdS/CFT Correspondence on Spacetime and Worldsheet OPE Coefficients. (2017)
  31. 5231.
    Ezinvi, B.; Hounkonnou, M. N.; N'Dolo, E. E.; Ousmane Samary, D.: Noncommutative Dirac and Klein-Gordon oscillators in the background of cosmic string: spectrum and dynamics. (2017)
  32. 5232.
    Schmidt, P.; Harry, I.; Pfeiffer, H. P.: Numerical Relativity Injection Infrastructure. (2017)
  33. 5233.
    Polyakov, D.: An Analytic Formula for Numbers of Restricted Partitions from Conformal Field Theory. (2017)
  34. 5234.
    Amaro-Seoane, P.; Audley, H.; Babak, S.; Baker, J.; Barausse, E.; Bender, P.; Berti, E.; Binetruy, P.; Born, M.; Bortoluzzi, D. et al.; Camp, J.; Caprini, C.; Cardoso, V.; Colpi, M.; Conklin, J.; Cornish, N.; Cutler, C.; Danzmann, K.; Dolesi, R.; Ferraioli, L.; Ferroni, V.; Fitzsimons, E.; Gair, J.; Bote, L. G.; Giardini, D.; Gibert, F.; Grimani, C.; Halloin, H.; Heinzel, G.; Hertog, T.; Hewitson, M.; Holley-Bockelmann, K.; Hollington, D.; Hueller, M.; Inchauspe, H.; Jetzer, P.; Karnesis, N.; Killow, C.; Klein, A.; Klipstein, B.; Korsakova, N.; Larson, S. L.; Livas, J.; Lloro, I.; Man, N.; Mance, D.; Martino, J.; Mateos, I.; McKenzie, K.; McWilliams, S. T.; Miller, C.; Mueller, G.; Nardini, G.; Nelemans, G.; Nofrarias, M.; Petiteau, A.; Pivato, P.; Plagnol, E.; Porter, E.; Reiche, J.; Robertson, D.; Robertson, N.; Rossi, E.; Russano, G.; Schutz, B. F.; Sesana, A.; Shoemaker, D.; Slutsky, J.; Sopuerta, C. F.; Sumner, T.; Tamanini, N.; Thorpe, I.; Troebs, M.; Vallisneri, M.; Vecchio, A.; Vetrugno, D.; Vitale, S.; Volonteri, M.; Wanner, G.; Ward, H.; Wass, P.; Weber, W.; Ziemer, J.; Zweifel, P.: Laser Interferometer Space Antenna. (2017)
  35. 5235.
    Dietrich, T.; Ujevic, M.: Modeling dynamical ejecta from binary neutron star mergers and implications for electromagnetic counterparts. (angenommen)
  36. 5236.
    Drago, M.; Di Palma, I.: Estimation of the gravitational wave polarizations from a non-template search. (2017)
  37. 5237.
    Menne, U.; Scharrer, C.: An isoperimetric inequality for diffused surfaces. (angenommen)
  38. 5238.
    Menne, U.; Scharrer, C.: A novel type of Sobolev-Poincar\'e inequality for submanifolds of Euclidean space. (eingereicht)
  39. 5239.
    Menne, U.; Santilli, M.: A geometric second-order-rectifiable stratification for closed subsets of Euclidean space. (eingereicht)
  40. 5240.
    Novak, J.; Butter, D.; Tartaglino-Mazzucchelli, G.: Conformal supergravity invariants and component reduction in six dimensions. (2017)
  41. 5241.
    Paganini, C.; Ruba, B.; Oancea, M. A.: Characterization of Null Geodesics on Kerr Spacetimes. (eingereicht)
  42. 5242.
    Santilli, M.: Curvature of closed subsets of Euclidean space and minimal submanifolds of arbitrary codimension. (eingereicht)
  43. 5243.
    Santilli, M.: Rectifiability and approximate differentiability of higher order for sets. (eingereicht)
  44. 5244.
    Singh, A.; Papa, M. A.; Zhu, S.; Eggenstein, H.-B.: The upper-limit procedure for the most recent Einstein@Home searches. (2017)
  45. 5245.
    Baulieu, L.: Early Universes with Effective Discrete Time. (2016)
  46. 5246.
    Ashton, G.; Birnholtz, O.; Cabero, M.; Capano, C.; Dent, T.; Krishnan, B.; Meadors, G. D.; Nielsen, A. B.; Nitz, A.; Westerweck, J.: Comments on: "Echoes from the abyss: Evidence for Planck-scale structure at black hole horizons". (2016)
  47. 5247.
    Fang, Y.: C1,beta-regularity at the boundary of two dimensional sliding almost minimal sets. (2016)
  48. 5248.
    Ahlén, O.: Global Iwasawa-decomposition of SL(n,AQ). (2016)
  49. 5249.
    Meissner, K.; Nicolai, H.: Conformal Anomalies and Gravitational Waves. (2016)
  50. 5250.
    Kegeles, A.; Oriti, D.: Continuous point symmetries in Group Field Theories. (2016)
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