Publications of the Quantum Gravity and Unified Theories Division

Working Paper (76)

  1. 1421.
    Working Paper
    Adam, I.; Dekel, A.; Oz, Y.: On the self-duality of AdS_4 times CP^3 under T-duality. (2010)
  2. 1422.
    Working Paper
    Bazhanov, V.V.; Frassek, R.; Lukowski, T.; Meneghelli, C.; Staudacher, M.: Q-Operator Demystified: The su(n|m) Case. (2010)
  3. 1423.
    Working Paper
    Mafra, C. R.: PSS: A FORM Program to Evaluate Pure Spinor Superspace Expressions. (2010), 16 pages, harvmac pp.
  4. 1424.
    Working Paper
    Lavrelashvili, G.: On instability of Rubakov-Shaposhnikov model. (2010), 7 pages, including 1 figure pp.
  5. 1425.
    Working Paper
    Bossard, G.: 1/8 BPS black hole composites. (2010), 19 pages pp.
  6. 1426.
    Working Paper
    Giesel, K.; Tambornino, J.; Thiemann, T.: Born--Oppenheimer decomposition for quantum fields on quantum spacetimes. (2009), 38 pages, 2 figures pp.
  7. 1427.
    Working Paper
    Garcia del Moral, M. P.; Martin, I.; Restuccia, A.: Nonperturbative SL(2,Z) (p,q)-strings manifestly realized on the quantum M2. (submitted), 32pages, latex pp.
  8. 1428.
    Working Paper
    Käppeli, J.; Theisen, S.; Vanhove, P.: Hybrid formalism and topological amplitudes: A note on topological amplitudes in hybrid string theory. (2006), 32 pp.
  9. 1429.
    Working Paper
    Klemm, A.; Lerche, W.; Theisen, S.; Yankielowicz, S.: On the Monodromies of N=2 Supersymmetric Yang-Mills Theory. (1994), 15 pp.
  10. 1430.
    Working Paper
    Hosono, S.; Klemm, A.; Theisen, S.: Lectures on Mirror Symmetry. (1994), 45 pp.
  11. 1431.
    Working Paper
    Nicolai, H.: On a new characterization of supersymmetric theories II. (1980), 7 pp.

Report (1)

  1. 1432.
    Lehners, J.-L.: Inflation and cycles in the multiverse. (2012)

Other (26)

  1. 1433.
    Kleinschmidt, A.: Neue Symmetriestrukturen in der Stringtheorie, (2006)
  2. 1434.
    Arutyunov, G.; Staudacher, M.: Two-loop commuting charges and the string/gauge duality, (2004)
  3. 1435.
    Boyarsky, A.; Kulik, B.; Ruchayskiy, O.: Classical and Quantum Branes in c=1 String Theory and Quantum Hall Effect, (2003)
  4. 1436.
    Krasnov, K.: Twistors, CFT and Holography, (2003)
  5. 1437.
    Arutyunov, G.; Sokatchev, E.: On properties of BPS multiplets in perturbation theory, (2002)
  6. 1438.
    Braun, V.; Stefanski, B.: Orientifolds and Ktheory, (2002)
  7. 1439.
    Fischbacher, T.: Introducing LambdaTensor 1.0 - A package for explicit symbolic and numeric Lie algebra and Lie group calculations, (2002)
  8. 1440.
    Sahlmann, H.: Some Comments on the Representation Theory of the Algebra Underlying Loop Quantum Gravity, (2002)
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