Publications of the Quantum Gravity and Unified Theories Division

Thesis - Habilitation (2)

  1. 1381.
    Thesis - Habilitation
    Loll, R.: Wilson Loop and discrete lattice methods in quantum gauge and gravitational theories. Habilitation, Potsdam (1998)

Thesis - Master (2)

  1. 1382.
    Thesis - Master
    Prinz, D.: Algebraic Structures in the Coupling of Gravity to Gauge Theories. Master, 50 pp. (2017)
  2. 1383.
    Thesis - Master
    Korovin, Y.: Holographic Renormalization for Fermions in Real Time. Master, 77 pp. (2011)

Working Paper (68)

  1. 1384.
    Working Paper
    Banerjee, S.; Choudhury, S.; Chowdhury, S.; Das, R. N.; Gupta, N.; Panda, S.; Swain, A.: Indirect detection of Cosmological Constant from large $N$ entangled open quantum system. (2020)
  2. 1385.
    Working Paper
    Gourevitch, D.; Gustafsson, H. P. A.; Kleinschmidt, A.; Persson, D.; Sahi, S.: Eulerianity of Fourier coefficients of automorphic forms. (2020)
  3. 1386.
    Working Paper
    Rahman, R.: The Involutive System of Higher-Spin Equations. (2020)
  4. 1387.
    Working Paper
    Skvortsov, E.; Tran, T.: One-loop Finiteness of Chiral Higher Spin Gravity. (2020)
  5. 1388.
    Working Paper
    Prinz, D.: Gravity-Matter Feynman Rules for any Valence. (2020)
  6. 1389.
    Working Paper
    Gerken, J. E.; Kleinschmidt, A.; Schlotterer, O.: Generating series of all modular graph forms from iterated Eisenstein integrals. (2020)
  7. 1390.
    Working Paper
    Nicolai, H.; Plefka, J.: N=4 super Yang-Mills correlators without anti-commuting variables. (2020)
  8. 1391.
    Working Paper
    Farnsworth, S.: The geometry of physical observables. (2020)
  9. 1392.
    Working Paper
    Assanioussi, M.; Kotecha, I.: Thermal quantum gravity condensates in group field theory cosmology. (2020)
  10. 1393.
    Working Paper
    Devchand, C.; Pontecorvo , M.; Spiro , A.: Hyperkähler cones and instantons on quaternionic Kähler manifolds. (2020)
  11. 1394.
    Working Paper
    Alonso-Serrano, A.; Bojowald, M.; Brizuela, D.: Quantum approach to a Bianchi I singularity. (2020)
  12. 1395.
    Working Paper
    Dorigoni, D.; Kleinschmidt, A.: Resurgent expansion of Lambert series and iterated Eisenstein integrals. (2020)
  13. 1396.
    Working Paper
    Jorjadze, G.; Theisen, S.: Canonical maps and integrability in T\bar T deformed 2d CFTs. (2020)
  14. 1397.
    Working Paper
    Prinz, D.: Gauge Symmetries and Renormalization. (2019)
  15. 1398.
    Working Paper
    Broedel, J.; Kaderli, A.: Amplitude recursions with an extra marked point. (2019)
  16. 1399.
    Working Paper
    Kaderli, A.: A note on the Drinfeld associator for genus-zero superstring amplitudes in twisted de Rham theory. (2019)
  17. 1400.
    Working Paper
    Chirco, G.; Laudato , M.; Mele , F. M.: Covariant Momentum Map Thermodynamics for Parametrized Field Theories. (2019)
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