Publications of the Quantum Gravity and Unified Theories Division

Thesis - PhD (5)

  1. 1321.
    Thesis - PhD
    Helling, R.: Scattering in Supersymmetric M(atrix)-Models. Dissertation, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Berlin ()

Thesis - Habilitation (2)

  1. 1322.
    Thesis - Habilitation
    Korotkin, D. A.: Classical and quantum aspects of dimensionally-reduced gravity and Isomonodromic deformations. Habilitation, St. Petersburg (1998)
  2. 1323.
    Thesis - Habilitation
    Loll, R.: Wilson Loop and discrete lattice methods in quantum gauge and gravitational theories. Habilitation, Potsdam (1998)

Thesis - Master (2)

  1. 1324.
    Thesis - Master
    Prinz, D.: Algebraic Structures in the Coupling of Gravity to Gauge Theories. Master, 50 pp. (2017)
  2. 1325.
    Thesis - Master
    Korovin, Y.: Holographic Renormalization for Fermions in Real Time. Master, 77 pp. (2011)

Working Paper (75)

  1. 1326.
    Working Paper
    Kotecha, I.: Thermal quantum spacetime. (2019), v2 minor changes, published version; 19 pages, 1 figure; invited contribution to the special issue "Progress in Group Field Theory and Related Quantum Gravity Formalisms", eds. S. Carrozza, S. Gielen and D. Oriti pp.
  2. 1327.
    Working Paper
    Coimbra, A.: Higher curvature Bianchi identities, generalised geometry and L_{\infty}algebras. (2019), 50 pages pp.
  3. 1328.
    Working Paper
    Casarin, L.; Tseytlin , A. A.: One-loop beta-functions in 4-derivative gauge theory in 6 dimensions. (2019), 16 pages. v3: mistake in calculation of beta-functions corrected, note added about full agreement with earlier computation of J. Gracey pp.
  4. 1329.
    Working Paper
    Bossard, G.; Kleinschmidt, A.; Sezgin , E.: On supersymmetric E11 exceptional field theory. (2019), 85 pages pp.
  5. 1330.
    Working Paper
    Gomis, J.; Kleinschmidt, A.; Palmkvist , J.: Galilean free Lie algebras. (2019), 22 pages pp.
  6. 1331.
    Working Paper
    Brödel, J.; Kaderli , A.: Functional relations for elliptic polylogarithms. (2019), 39 pages, 5 appendices pp.
  7. 1332.
    Working Paper
    Bramberger, S.; Chitishvili, M.; Lavrelashvili, G. V.: Aspects of the negative mode problem in quantum tunneling with gravity. (2019), 16 pages, 8 figures pp.
  8. 1333.
    Working Paper
    Chirco, G.; Kotecha, I.: Generalized Gibbs Ensembles in Discrete Quantum Gravity. (2019), 8 pages; Springer LNCS format; invited contribution to the conference proceedings of GSI 2019, to be published in Springer's LNCS series: Geometric Science of Information 2019, ed. F. Nielsen and F. Barbaresco pp.
  9. 1334.
    Working Paper
    Meissner, K. A.; Nicolai, H.: Superheavy Gravitinos and Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays. (2019)
  10. 1335.
    Working Paper
    Bautista, T.; Dabholkar, A.; Erbin, H.: Quantum Gravity from Timelike Liouville theory. (2019), 42 pages pp.
  11. 1336.
    Working Paper
    Bhattacherjee, S.; Bohra, H.; Choudhury, S.; Chauhan, P.; Mukherjee , A.; Narayan, P.; Panda, S.; Swain, A.: Relating the curvature of De Sitter Universe to Open Quantum Lamb Shift Spectroscopy. (2019), 50 pages, 7 figures, This project is the part of the non-profit virtual international research consortium "Quantum Structures of the Space-Time & Matter" pp.
  12. 1337.
    Working Paper
    Rahman, R.: The Uniqueness of Hypergravity. (2019), 40 pages. arXiv admin note: text overlap with arXiv:1406.5319 by other authors pp.
  13. 1338.
    Working Paper
    Fredenhagen, S.; Krüger, O.; Mkrtchyan, K.: Vertex-Constraints in 3D Higher Spin Theories. (2019), 5 pages pp.
  14. 1339.
    Working Paper
    Anabalon, A.; Bramberger, S.; Lehners, J.-L.: Kerr-NUT-de Sitter as an Inhomogeneous Non-Singular Bouncing Cosmology. (2019), 17 pages, 4 figures pp.
  15. 1340.
    Working Paper
    Henneaux, M.; Troessaert, C.: The asymptotic structure of gravity at spatial infinity in four spacetime dimensions. (2019), 27 pages, review article dedicated to Andrei Slavnov on the occasion of his 80th birthday pp.
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