Publications of the Geometric Analysis and Gravitation Division

Journal Article (3)

  1. 1.
    Journal Article
    Aksteiner, S.; Andersson, L.; Bäckdahl, T.: New identities for linearized gravity on the Kerr spacetime. Physical Review D 99 (4), 044043 (2019)
  2. 2.
    Journal Article
    Andersson, L.; Burtscher, A. Y.: On the Asymptotic Behavior of Static Perfect Fluids. Annales Henri Poincaré 20 (3), pp. 813 - 857 (2019)
  3. 3.
    Journal Article
    Cederbaum, C.; Rinne, O.; Strehlau, M.: A flow approach to Bartnik's static metric extension conjecture in axisymmetry. Pure and Applied Mathematics Quarterly (accepted)

Working Paper (6)

  1. 4.
    Working Paper
    Oancea , M. A.; Paganini, C. F.; Joudioux, J.; Andersson, L.: An overview of the gravitational spin Hall effect. (2019), 49 pages, 2 figures. First version. Comments and suggestions are welcomed pp.
  2. 5.
    Working Paper
    Aghapour, S.; Andersson, L.; Rosquist, K.: The Zilch Electromagnetic Conservation Law in Variational Characteristic Form. (2019), 12 pages, no figures pp.
  3. 6.
    Working Paper
    Joudioux, J.: Hörmander's method for the characteristic Cauchy problem and conformal scattering for a non linear wave equation. (2019)
  4. 7.
    Working Paper
    Joudioux, J.; Thaller , M.; Kroon , J. A. V.: The Conformal Einstein Field Equations with Massless Vlasov Matter. (2019), 27 pages pp.
  5. 8.
    Working Paper
    Andersson, L.; Bäckdahl, T.; Blue, P.; Ma, S.: Stability for linearized gravity on the Kerr spacetime. (2019), 98 pages, 5 figures pp.
  6. 9.
    Working Paper
    Andersson, L.; Fajman, D.: Nonlinear stability of the Milne model with matter. (submitted), 33 pages pp.
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