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GRACE Follow-on

LISA technology is now being used for Earth observation and will improve future satellite geodesy missions. GRACE FO will observe indicators of climate change through changes in Earth's gravitational field.

The GRACE Follow-on mission (scheduled for start in 2017) will refly the identical GRACE spacecraft and instruments. It will supplement the micrometre-level accuracy microwave measurement with a laser interferometer with nanometre-level accuracy.

The laser demonstration on GRACE Follow-On will be a partnership between NASA, theGerman Research Center for Geosciences (GFZ), and the Albert Einstein Institute, which is responsible for and overseeing the laser ranging instrument. This particularly entails the measurement optics and steering mirror assembly along with instrument integration and testing.

For monitoring the Earth gravitational field LISA Pathfinder technology will be employed: The LISA phasemeter is being adapted to the needs of the gravity field mapping mission.

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