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Heinz Billing Prize 1998 for "Cactus"    

December 08, 1998
On the occasion of the 15th data processing user meeting of the Max Planck Institutes at the Gesellschaft für Wissenschaftliche Datenverarbeitung mbH in Göttingen, the Heinz Billing Prize for outstanding work in the area of “scientific computing” was awarded for the sixth time. The prize is named after one of the pioneers of data processing and is sponsored by the computer industry. Of the nine entries that ranged from new tools for the support of basic research to direct applications of novel scientific algorithms, the entry "Cactus, a new type of computer code for cooperative simulation," by Dr. Ed Seidel from the Albert Einstein Institute, was designated as the winner of this year’s Heinz Billing Prize. [more]

8,000 mile connection enables visual supercomputing at upcoming conference

November 14, 1997
SAN JOSE — If all goes well, attendees to the SC97 conference in San Jose, CA, will witness the culmination of months of international collaboration and the first sustained usage of the STAR TAP global interconnection point in Chicago as they view a demonstration of interactive visual supercomputing across an 8,000 mile distance. [more]
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