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Advanced LIGO detectors begin second observation run

November 30, 2016
AEI researchers expect new discoveries from LIGO instruments [more]
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Karsten Danzmann Receives Fritz Behrens Foundation Science Prize

November 29, 2016
AEI Director honoured for his contributions to gravitational wave astronomy [more]
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Lower Saxony Science Award 2016 Goes to Karsten Danzmann

November 17, 2016
AEI Director honoured as an outstanding scientist at a university in Lower Saxony [more]
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“November – Science Month” 2016 at the Albert Einstein Institute in Hannover

October 13, 2016
Four public talks ranging from light to gravitational waves and a trip to the end of the universe [more]
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“The night that creates knowledge” 2016 at the Albert Einstein Institute Hannover

October 10, 2016
Talks and guided tours – delve into the fascinating world of gravitational physics on 12 November [more]
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World record with squeezed light

September 22, 2016
Light with special quantum properties enables for the first time a new method to measure photodetector quantum efficiency [more]

Award for Advanced LIGO Engineering Team

September 09, 2016
Paul F. Forman Team Engineering Excellence Award also awarded to six employees of the Albert Einstein Institute Hannover and of the Laser Zentrum Hannover [more]
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Lower Saxony State Prize was awarded to Bruce Allen, Alessandra Buonanno and Karsten Danzmann

August 23, 2016
The prize recognizes contributions to the discovery of gravitational waves [more]
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Discovery of gravitational waves – what comes next?

July 06, 2016
International scientists gathered in Hannover to discuss status and future prospects in gravitational wave astronomy [more]
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Open Day at GEO600 on 31 July 2016

June 23, 2016
Visit the gravitational-wave detector near Sarstedt [more]
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