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Research News AEI Hannover

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Continued Discoveries from Public Data

March 12, 2020
International team led by Max Planck researchers finds promising new candidates for gravitational waves from binary black hole mergers in public LIGO/Virgo data [more]
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How big is a neutron star?

March 09, 2020
International team uses a novel approach combining gravitational-wave observations, multi-messenger astronomy, and nuclear physics to obtain the best measurement of neutron star size to date. [more]
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Gravitational Waves | Quantum Optics | Computers

January 31, 2020
CANCELLED: DPG Meeting in Hannover: Tours at the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics [more]
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Jahed Abedi receives 2019 Buchalter Cosmology Prize

January 08, 2020
Max Planck researcher honored for “bold and innovative step towards understanding quantum gravitational phenomena” [more]
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News from the Gravitational Universe

January 06, 2020
LIGO and Virgo observe a distant binary neutron star merger with surprisingly high mass [more]
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NASA Award for AEI Researchers

December 12, 2019
US space agency honors German team’s contributions to laser instrument on board GRACE Follow-On [more]
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Squeezed Light Success at Virgo

December 05, 2019
The gravitational-wave observatory near Pisa listens deeper into the cosmos with technology from Hanover [more]
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LIGO and Virgo continue their observation run

November 05, 2019
On November 1st at 15:00 UTC, the LIGO and Virgo gravitational-wave detectors resumed their search for gravitational waves. All three sites halted operations for the entire month of October to perform some maintenance and upgrades. [more]
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Karsten Danzmann accepted into the Hall of Fame of German Research

October 29, 2019
Max Planck Director and Professor at Leibniz Universität Hannover honored [more]
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