Publications of AEI Potsdam and AEI Hannover

Working Paper (201)

  1. 5101.
    Arnlind, J.; Hoppe, J.; Huisken, G.: On the classical geometry of embedded manifolds in terms of Nambu brackets. (2010)
  2. 5102.
    Lavrelashvili, G.: On instability of Rubakov-Shaposhnikov model. (2010)
  3. 5103.
    Bossard, G.: 1/8 BPS black hole composites. (2010)
  4. 5104.
    Arnlind, J.; Hoppe, J.; Huisken, G.: Discrete curvature and the Gauss-Bonnet theorem. (2010)
  5. 5105.
    Arnlind, J.; Hoppe, J.; Huisken, G.: On the classical geometry of embedded surfaces in terms of Poisson brackets. (2010)
  6. 5106.
    Bieli, R.; Szpak, N.: Large data pointwise decay for defocusing semilinear wave equations. (submitted)
  7. 5107.
    Blatt, S.: A Lower Bound for the Gromov Distortion of Knotted Submanifolds. (submitted)
  8. 5108.
    Miller, M. C.; Alexander, T.; Amaro-Seoane, P.; Barth, A. J.; Cutler, C.; Gair, J. R.; Hopman, C.; Merritt, D.; Phinney, E. S.; Richstone, D. O.: Probing Stellar Dynamics in Galactic Nuclei. (2010)
  9. 5109.
    Giesel, K.; Tambornino, J.; Thiemann, T.: Born--Oppenheimer decomposition for quantum fields on quantum spacetimes. (2009)
  10. 5110.
    Hamber, H. W.: Discrete and Continuum Quantum Gravity. (2009)
  11. 5111.
    Babak, S.; Hannam, M.; Husa, S.; Schutz, B. F.: Resolving Super Massive Black Holes with LISA. (submitted)
  12. 5112.
    Beyer, H. R.: A new result on the Klein-Gordon equation in the background of a rotating black hole. (submitted)
  13. 5113.
    Garcia del Moral, M. P.; Martin, I.; Restuccia, A.: Nonperturbative SL(2,Z) (p,q)-strings manifestly realized on the quantum M2. (submitted)
  14. 5114.
    Heinzel, G.; Wand, V.; Garcia, A.; Guzman, F.; Steier, F.; Killow, C. J.; Robertson, D.; Ward, H.: Investigation of noise sources in the LTP interferometer S2-AEI-TN-3028. (2008)
  15. 5115.
    Ndiaye, C. B.; Xiao, J.: Toward Gauss-Bonnet-Chern Inequalities and Isoperimetric Deficits for Conformal Metrics on $\mathbb R^n, n\ge 3$. (submitted)
  16. 5116.
    Brüsemeister, T.; Enke, H.; Radke, T.: Workgroup 1: Resource Integration and Grid Support in AstroGrid-D T. , H. , T. (2007)
  17. 5117.
    Schroeter, A.; Nawrodt, R.; Schnabel, R.; Reid, S.; Martin, I.; Rowan, S.; Schwarz, C.; Koettig, T.; Neubert, R.; Thürk, M. et al.; Vodel, W.; Tünnermann, A.; Danzmann, K.; Seidel, P.: On the mechanical quality factors of cryogenic test masses from fused silica and crystalline quartz. (2007)
  18. 5118.
    Käppeli, J.; Theisen, S.; Vanhove, P.: Hybrid formalism and topological amplitudes: A note on topological amplitudes in hybrid string theory. (2006), 32 pp.
  19. 5119.
    Adhikari, R.; Fritschel, P.; Miyakawa, O.; Somiya, K.: Length Sensing and Control for AdLIGO. (2006)
  20. 5120.
    Davis, K. C.: Holography and Quantum Gravity in 3+1 Dimensions. (2004)
  21. 5121.
    Heinzel, G.; Rüdiger, A.; Schilling, R.: Spectrum and spectral density estimation by the Discrete Fourier transform (DFT), including a comprehensive list of window functions and some new at-top windows. (2002)
  22. 5122.
    Krolak, A.: Estimation of Parameters of Gravitational Waves from Pulsars. (1997)
  23. 5123.
    Allen, B.: Gravitational Wave Detector Sites. (1996), 2 pp.
  24. 5124.
    Klemm, A.; Lerche, W.; Theisen, S.; Yankielowicz, S.: On the Monodromies of N=2 Supersymmetric Yang-Mills Theory. (1994), 15 pp.
  25. 5125.
    Hosono, S.; Klemm, A.; Theisen, S.: Lectures on Mirror Symmetry. (1994), 45 pp.
  26. 5126.
    Nicolai, H.: On a new characterization of supersymmetric theories II. (1980), 7 pp.
  27. 5127.
    Beisert, N.: The collref Package.
  28. 5128.
    Ott, C.; Zink, B.; Dimmelmeier, H.; Hawke, I.; Schnetter, E.; Mülle, E.: Three-dimensional Stellar Core Collapse in Full General Relativity.

Report (16)

  1. 5129.
    Maliborski, M.; Schell, C.: Stabil oder nicht stabil? Eine Raumzeit auf dem Prüfstand. (2016)
  2. 5130.
    Di Palma, I.: New Cosmic Messengers: first joint search for gravitational waves and high energy neutrinos. (2012)
  3. 5131.
    Lehners, J.-L.: Inflation and cycles in the multiverse. (2012)
  4. 5132.
    26. DV-Treffen der Max-Planck-Institute (GWDG-Bericht, 76). (2010)
  5. 5133.
    Leaci, P.; Canton, T. D.; Ortolan, A.; Prodi, G. A.: Prospects for GW Detection with Advanced Interferometers and TC Acoustic Detectors (Annual Report 2008 INFN-LNL, 226). (2009)
  6. 5134.
    Müller-Ebhardt, H.; Rehbein, H.; Hild, S.; Freise, A.; Chen, Y.; Schnabel, R.; Danzmann, K.; Lück, H.: Review of quantum non-demolition schemes for the Einstein Telescope. (2009)
  7. 5135.
    Tarabrin, S.: Review of displacement-noise-reduction techniques (ET-workarea, ET scientific note ET-024-09). (2009)
  8. 5136.
    Braune, S.; Breitling, F.; Carlson, A.; Högqvist, M.; Radke, T.; Scholl, T.; White, S.: Advanced Prototype Implementation of Metadata Information Providers. (2008)
  9. 5137.
    Braune, S.; Breitling, F.; Carlson, A.; Hooegqvist, M.; Radke, T.; Scholl, T.; White, S.: Metadata Information Providers. (2008)
  10. 5138.
    Breitling, F.; Bruesemeister, T.; Carlson, A.; Engel, R.; Enke, H.; Högqvist, M.; Nickelt, I.; Radke, T.; Spurzem, R.; Steinacker, J. et al.; Wahner, R.: Distributed File Management in AstroGrid-D. (2008)
  11. 5139.
    Radke, T.: Advanced Prototype Implementation of Monitoring & Steering Methods. (2008)
  12. 5140.
    Radke, T.: Implementation of Monitoring & Steering Methods for AstroGrid-D Use Cases. (2008)
  13. 5141.
    Radke, T.; Wehrens, O.: Portal User Interfaces for Metadata Management. (2008)
  14. 5142.
    Schutz, B. F.: Relativity in Astronomy. (2002)
  15. 5143.
    Bender, P. L.; Brillet, A.; Ciufolini, I.; Cruise, A. M.; Cutler, C.; Danzmann, K.; Folkner, W.M.; Hough, J.; McNamara, P. W.; Peterseim, M. et al.; Robertson, D.; Rodrigues, M.; Rüdiger, A.; Sandford, M.; Schäfer, G.; Schilling, R.; Schutz, B. F.; Speake, C. C.; Stebbins, R.; Sumner, T.; Touboul, P.; Vinet, J.-Y.; Vitale, S.; Ward, H.; Winkler, W.: LISA. Laser Interferometer Space Antenna for the detection and observation of gravitational waves. An international project in the field of Fundamental Physics in Space (Pre-Phase A Report, MPQ-233). (1998)
  16. 5144.
    Hough, J.; Meers, B. J.; Newton, G. P.; Robertson, N. A.; Ward, H.; Schutz, B. F.; Drever, R. W. P.; Mason, R.; Pollard, C.; Tolcher, R. et al.; Bellenger, D. W.; Bennett, J. R. J.; Corbett, I. F.; Percival, M. D.: A British long baseline gravitational wave observatory (Rutherford Appleton Laboratorium, RAL-86-001). (1986), 5+114+A17+B7+C7 pp.

Journal (1)

  1. 5145.
    Schutz, B. F.; Beig, R.; Brügmann, B.; Isham, C.; Iyer, B.; Loll, R.; Pullin, J.; Renn, J.; Seidel, E.; Wambsganss, J. et al.; Will, C. (Eds.): Living Reviews in Relativity. Max-Planck-Institut für Gravitationsphysik, Golm near Potsdam, Germany

Other (52)

  1. 5146.
    Oriti, D.: On the depth of quantum space, (2011)
  2. 5147.
    Dahl, K.; Molella, L. S.; Rinkleff, R.-H.; Danzmann, K.: Contrary Behavior of Absorption and Dispersion, (2010)
  3. 5148.
    Kwee, P.; Willke, B.; Danzmann, K.: Quantum limit of different laser power stabilization schemes involving optical resonators, (2010)
  4. 5149.
    Troebs, M.; Barke, S.; Moebius, J.; Engelbrecht, M.; Theeg, T.; Kracht, D.; Sheard, B.; Heinzel, G.; Danzmann, K.: Fiber modulators and fiber amplifiers for LISA, (2010)
  5. 5150.
    Radke, T.: Prototype Implementation of grid-enabled Monitoring Methods - Documentation and Test Report, (2007)
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