What should still be added to these pages...

Being modest, it is doubtful that the web site for the working group will ever evolve into a comprehensive reference about all the aspects of stellar collisions, not even the ones of importance for stellar dynamics. Suggestions or help that could bring these pages closer to this utopian goal are welcome! (especially now that Marc has left)

Here is a personal wish list:

Information about grid hydrodynamics

Information about tidal captures

The role of binary-single and binary-binary interactions as channels for collisions to happen

The results of the Marc's ~15000 collision simulations.

More complete discusdsion of the various astrophysical contexts in which collisions play a role, with references.

Complete lists of references to SPH and grid collision papers; comment all references.

Should other stellar hydrodynamical processes be included (common envelope...)?

Should BH--BH be included?

More detailed information about the hydrodynamics of collisions, in physical terms

Add something about few-body models of collisions (Livne & Tuchman 1988 for MS-Giant...)