Papers about stellar collisions with Grid hydrodynamics

The very first simulations of stellar collisions known to us were carried out with low dimension grid codes. To increase the symmetry and decrease the effective dimensionality of the problem, head-on collision between identical MS stars where considered, quite an physically unlikely configuration (Mathis 1967, DeYoung 1968, Seidl & Cameron 1972). Since then, no grid simulation of MS-MS collision has been realized, an unfortunate fact, as this would allow useful comparison with the (quicker) SPH simulations. Most teams have concentrated on collisions involving compact objects.

Here is an incomplete list of grid-based simulations, organized by collision type. In this table q stands for the mass ratio M_2/M_1; other quantities are defined here.

Collision type and regime
MS -- MS Mathis 1967 (1D code, head-on, equal-mass, V_rel=0-400 km/s, nucl. reac. found to be negligible)
DeYoung 1968 (1.5-D code, head-on, equal-mass, V_rel=5000 km/s, source of relativistic particles for QSOs?)
Seidl & Cameron 1972 (First realistic simul. 2D code, head-on, equal-mass, polytrope n=3, V_rel=0/1.6/3.2 V_star)
MS -- more compact
Shara & Shaviv 1977,1978  (head-on MS--WD with 2D code with V_rel=300/5700 km/s, M_WD=1 M_sun, M_MS=0.13 M_sun => thermonuclear destruc. of MS star)
Shara & Regev 1986
(head-on MS--WD with 2D code with V_rel=0, M_WD=M_star=0.6 M_sun => thermonuclear destruc. of MS star)
Regev & Shara 1987 (head-on MS--WD with 2D code with V_rel=2000/6000 km/s, M_WD=0.6, M_star=10 M_sun => destruc. of MS star)
Soker et al. 1987 (off-center MS--WD with 3D particle/grid code; V_rel=0, M_MS=0.2, M_WD=0.8 M_sun)
Rozyczka et al. 1989 (head-on MS--WD with 2D code, M_WD=0.5 M_sun, M_MS=0.5/1.0 M_sun)
Ruffert & Mueller 1990
, Ruffert 1992,1993 (MS--WD with PPM; 0.5--0.5 M_sun, various d_min)
Davies et al. 1993 (equal-mass MS--WD to compare with SPH)
Giant -- Giant

Giant -- more compact
Tuchman 1985 (Spherical simul of the reaction of a Giant's envelope to the ejection of its core)
Livne & Tuchman 1988 (3-body study of the ejection of a Giant's core during an interaction with a "point-mass"; 2D, axisym. hydro simul of the envelope during core ejection; V_rel=0-200 km/s)
WD -- WD

WD -- more compact

NS -- NS (binary)
Gilden & Shapiro 1984 (head-on with 2D code, Newtonian)
Ruffert, Janka & Schaefer 1996, Ruffert et al. 1997, Ruffert & Janka 2001 (PPM, Newtonian + GW emission, various masses & spins)
Sewsty, Wang & Calder 2000, Calder & Wang 2002 (Newtonian + GW emission)
Shibata & Uryu 2000,2002 (Full GR)
NS -- BH (binary)
Janka et al. 1999, Ruffert & Janka 1999 (GRB engine? PPM, Newtonian + GW emission)

A special category is the tidal disruption of a star by a massive black hole, at the center of a galactic nucleus.

See also the reference list for collision simulations with SPH.