Data from "A comprehensive set of simulations of high-velocity collisions
between main sequence stars"

Freitag & Benz 2005, MNRAS 358, 1133 (astro-ph/0403621)
The "on-line complements" are hard to find on the MNRAS website. I have put it here

Here are the files describing the initial condition and outcome of all the simulations.

Note that only simulations included in summary.txt have passed all our tests to sort out "bad" results (poor conservation of energy or angular momentum....) and select the highest resolution simulation when a collision has been simulated with various particle numbers. These are the results Marc uses for inclusion of MS-MS collisions in stellar dynamical simulations (follow this link: for references to the work of Marc Freitag and Willy Benz).

(1 MB)
(145 kB)
Initial conditions for all simulations (to be used together with stars.txt to get the stellar masses)
(14 kB)
(2.7 kB)
Basic information about stellar models (Mass and radius) and name of correspond file for internal structure.
The files containing the internal structure of stars can be found here (or just download all of them as a 472K tar.gz file). If you use any of those (except the simple polytrope models), please cite Schaller et al. (1992) , Meynet al al. (1994), Charbonnel et al. (1999).
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(1.2 MB)
Results in "raw" form: masses, positions and velocities of the star(s) at the end of the collision simulation
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(300 Kb)
Summary of initial conditions and outcomes for all collision simulations; this is probably all you need...

You can also download all these files as a tarball (1.7 MB).