How to get to the morning and afternoon sessions of the Astro-GR@Mallorca

(note that the map is a printable pdf)

UIB Campus map
Metro to Son Lledo

The university campus is 7.5 km away from Palma, on the road to Valldemossa.

To get there from the city center by public transport, there are two options:

- Metro from Plaza España, frequency 15 min.
- Bus-19, frequency is 15 min.

Driving time from the city center is about 20 Minutes.

When you arrive to the Campus of the UIB, you can either

- wait for the campus bus (~ every 15 min), which is for free within the Campus, and get off at
  Son Lledó, but make sure you announce it (press buttom)
  The bus will follow the right green path on the map.

- have a walk following the green path marked in the map (pdf). After some 5 minutes walk you should be able to
  see the grey building of the upper right picture... this is the Son Lledó building

The morning sessions will take place every day at the Son Lledó bulding.

On the left you have a picture of the main entrance and on the right the main entrance itself.

When you get in, just turn left and there you'll find the meeting room (ground floor).

The sessions after lunch will take place in the Anselm Turmeda and Guillem Cifre buildings
These two buildings are in front of each other and to find them simply follow the green path marked on the map starting
from Son Lled
On the left you have a picture of the Anselm Turmeda building and on the right the easiest entrance to get to the
meeting room of the Guillem Cifre building

We will split into three different groups after lunch.

GROUP A (and moderators - Cole, Lucio, Alberto and Sean): Goes to Anselm Turmeda, ground floor, first room on your left

GROUP B (and moderators - Nick, Tamara, Monica and Massimo): Goes to Anselm Turmeda, 1st floor, a bit hidden, we'll show you 
GROUP C (and moderators - Ed, Jonathan, Tal and Matt): Goes to Guillem Cifre "Sala de Graus Caparros", 2nd floor (see last picture)